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Had a management review last week and all (most of) the lab managers from our costaj region attended. This free trip to the Mother City gave me the chance to watch Harry Potter! On the big screen! With popcorn! (We don’t have a kino here in the Platteland)

So while chilling in the meeting, one of the ladies leans over and asks me if I’m aware that there are allegations that J.K. Rowling is a satanist. I knew this to be an email hoax; but didn’t feel like defending it directly. I know this woman; used to work with her. She’s the type who recoils at the thought of having a black colour scheme for a wedding. Or *gasp* painting your nails black. Honestly, it’s just a colour (or lack there-of. God also created it)
My answer? “and Neil Diamond is a Jew, but I’m still going to his concert.”

It’s not over yet. A few hours later she tells me how her son had written a letter to Santa, but he’s changing his mind now; of course they already bought the kid the original gift. I just shook my head.

I still feel uncomfortable telling Lili about Santa. I want her to know and understand the Christian meaning of Christmas, the symbolism of the tree, and why we give gifts. And eventually the irony of the date.

So yeah, my kid will probably spoil Santa for the other kids.

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On Sunday I took Lili with to church for a second cousin’s Christening. Felt like I was repeating myself the whole time with ‘Sit Still’ and ‘shhhh’.
So today I’m sitting next to the braai of our new house waiting for the builder to show up – there are a few things we need to discuss.
I lean forward to check how many lightbulbs I need to get for my chanelier. As I lean back, Lili leans forward. So I lean forward again, and she leans back. I lean back, she leans forward. We’re playing vertical sew-saw. THAT’s when she says to me :”Mamma, sit stil!”

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Reposted from Amelia’s Adventures.

Did I mention that we’re potty training now? For real. She wears knickers at the day mom with no accidents! At home it’s still a bit shaky though. Tonight she wet her pants twice and had a more solid accident as well… While there was a house showing – mind you, I have very short notice on the house showing; not that it would have prevented the little slip-ups, but I then I probably wouldn’t have been scurrying about tidying up.

While on the subject of Lili getting to be such a Big Girl, she baked some cookies yesterday at the day mom’s! Bev rolled the dough, but Amelia chose which cutters she wanted to use and cut the cookies out herself. Then she chose the decorations and Bev lent a hand, making sure the sprinkles landed on the cookies. Poor nunu had to wait almost 2 hours before Daddy came home to show him her cookies – and THEN she scoffed them.

And the final milestone that has me in tears tonight: she managed to put her sandals on by herself. You know the tricky ones with the thong through the toes and a little strap around the back to keep the foot in and a lot of Velcro? She took them off and put them back on in one sitting. *sniff* Baby is growing up.


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Kids pick up everything you say – it’s not a myth. It’s true. Ok, they pick up what you chat with other people, but they are selectively deaf when you ask them to pick up their toys or socks or make the bad… you get what I mean.

Like a good little scientist, I have proof to support my statement.
Yesterday afternoon I fetched Amelia from her day mom. Told her (day mom) that I don’t know how we’re going to get into the house because Henk came to fetch my house keys at work today. So I’ll have to deposit Amelia through a window and coax her to get the spare key… or hopefully Henk managed to catch one of the 5pm home guys to put the keys in our mailbox on their way home.

Conversation over, we headed home, and as I was parking Henk arrives in his bakkie too – He had left work early. We all piled into the bakkie and went to check out the building site that will soon be our new home.

En route – out of the blue – Amelia pipes up :” Pappa. Sleutel. Haal.” (Daddy. Key. Fetch.). I was almost speechless. I mean, what else is this child picking up from our everyday conversations?!!

So no more TTC talk – unless it’s in code. No more swearing (I’m trying my best, for fu… darnit) and NO SKINDER’ing. Like I ever gossip. But did you see who was pushing Linda’s trolley at Spar yesterday?

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Liefste poplap,

Jy is mamma en pappa se sonstraaltjie. Deur

jou oë leer ons opnuut die wêreld ken. Bly

altyd so ons pragtig, nuuskierige vonkel-borrel-

vlinder kind.

Met al ons liefde op jou 2de verjaardag

Pappa-Henk & Mamma-Tracy

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Whole bunch of It's Mine Goodies

A few weeks ago a friend of mine referred me to It’s Mine. She’d seen a child’s snack box and juice bottle labelled with these bright vinyl labels that JUST DON’T WASH OFF! I checked out the site, and remembered that I saw a discount code for R30 off in the NatGeoKids magazine.

I surfed the site a bit but couldn’t make up my mind as to which ones I wanted – no problem. There’s a starter pack you can order with a whole bunch of different labels. You choose the general colour scheme, the text (contact number optional), font, small icon and 2 larger icons. That probably took most of my time; deciding which 2 larger icons to use.

This week my order arrived and I’ve been labelling like crazy.

In the started pack I got:

  • 30 Large Vinyls
  • 60 Small Vinyls
  • 60 Pencil or Toy Labels
  • 20 Shoe dots (10 pairs)
  • 40 Iron on Rectangles
  • 1 Bag Tag with cable tie

I think I’ll get some more Iron on labels cause it feels like I’m forever buying new size clothes for Amelia. My favourite labels by far are the shoe labels. Just stick them the inside the shoes; they’re waterproof so they will stay stuck. Now everyone will know that It’s Mine!

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My mom said the photo’s on Amelia’s blog are old. So I’ve had a marathon session at my PC today updating it. I’m all caught up now! I also edited the previous entries with the correct dates so now the posts are really chronological. Find a list of all the new photo posts here.

Includes our Christmas 2009 Pics!

I’m going to try my best up update her pics at the end of every month. If I stick to it then i won’t get behind!

That’s another goal achieved! {*short high five*}

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