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Had a management review last week and all (most of) the lab managers from our costaj region attended. This free trip to the Mother City gave me the chance to watch Harry Potter! On the big screen! With popcorn! (We don’t have a kino here in the Platteland)

So while chilling in the meeting, one of the ladies leans over and asks me if I’m aware that there are allegations that J.K. Rowling is a satanist. I knew this to be an email hoax; but didn’t feel like defending it directly. I know this woman; used to work with her. She’s the type who recoils at the thought of having a black colour scheme for a wedding. Or *gasp* painting your nails black. Honestly, it’s just a colour (or lack there-of. God also created it)
My answer? “and Neil Diamond is a Jew, but I’m still going to his concert.”

It’s not over yet. A few hours later she tells me how her son had written a letter to Santa, but he’s changing his mind now; of course they already bought the kid the original gift. I just shook my head.

I still feel uncomfortable telling Lili about Santa. I want her to know and understand the Christian meaning of Christmas, the symbolism of the tree, and why we give gifts. And eventually the irony of the date.

So yeah, my kid will probably spoil Santa for the other kids.


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On Sunday I took Lili with to church for a second cousin’s Christening. Felt like I was repeating myself the whole time with ‘Sit Still’ and ‘shhhh’.
So today I’m sitting next to the braai of our new house waiting for the builder to show up – there are a few things we need to discuss.
I lean forward to check how many lightbulbs I need to get for my chanelier. As I lean back, Lili leans forward. So I lean forward again, and she leans back. I lean back, she leans forward. We’re playing vertical sew-saw. THAT’s when she says to me :”Mamma, sit stil!”

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Tracy: “…and I really want a Twista Choppa Pro, but not for Christmas. It can chop and whip – it has 2 attachments”

Henk: “But you have one.”

Tracy: “No, I have a Braun multi mix”

Henk: “Ja, so why do you want a Twista Choppa Pro?

Tracy: “For the same reason I want garden solar lights,  and haven’t complained about juicing lemons by hand – it doesn’t use electricity!”

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Tracy:“… so it’s kinda nerve-wracking when the driver tries to have a conversation with you.”

SC: “But are deaf people allowed to drive? I thought they weren’t allowed to drive.”

Tracy: “Of course they’re allowed to drive. Blind people aren’t allowed to drive. Mind you, I don’t know if there is even a law against the blind driving. I bet some blind person will deliberately get a licence JUST because there is no such law.”

SC: “No, there is a law; I read it in the K53.”

Tracy: “What, the braille K53?”

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Early morning on our way to Cape Town.

Tracy: “I need coffee.”
Henk: “You have to get decaf”
Tracy: “But I want espresso. Do you think you can get that in decaf?”
Henk: “That’s like wanting dry water.”

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Tracy: “So, do you know the story of Alice?“
Henk: “No”
Tracy: “What do you mean, ‘No’ “
Henk: “I mean that I don’t know the story of Alice”
Tracy: “You don’t know it? Not even the Disney version?”
Henk: “No”
Tracy: “Opium smoking blue caterpillar?”
Henk: “No”
Tracy: “Cheshire cat?”
Henk: ”No”
Tracy: “Un-birthday Tea Parties with the Mad Hatter”
Henk: “No”
Tracy: “Drink Me, Eat Me; sides of a mushroom that make you grow or shrink?”
Henk: “No”
Tracy: “’Off with their heads’ and painting the roses red? Flamingo crocket? ”
Henk: “No”
Tracy: “You really don’t know any Alice in Wonderland”
Henk: “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!”

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Henk: “So what are we watching?”
Tracy:Alice in WonderlandTim Burton’s version”
Henk: “OK”

After 5 mins.

Henk: “Didn’t you say this was a Tim Burton movie?”
Tracy: “Yes. Why?”
Henk: “So where are the funny creatures and stuff.”
Tracy: “They’re still coming”
Henk: “But this looks like an Austin flick.”
Tracy: “I know. They need to explain the back story; the creatures will still come”

Few minutes later

Henk: “I don’t think this is a Tim Burton movie. Where’s Johnny Dep?”
Tracy: “There, the white rabbit just rushed by. The creatures are coming. Hush. ”

Alice FINALLY enters wonderland, drinks the Drink Me, eats the Eats Me, and scrambles through the little door.

Henk: “AHA! A crooked tree and it’s looks dark and eerie. This IS a Tim Burton movie”
Tracy: * face palm *

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