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No wait, don’t jump the gun. I’m not pregnant… yet. My goal is that we should  try for baby number 2. Henk and I decided that it’s a good time to start.

So I started another blog to track our journey and (hopefully) the pregnancy. I decided to keep it seperate cause some of my updates might not be for the squeamish, and might not even make a lot of sense all the time. It’ll be more of a journal style.

Here’s the link if you care to follow our journey: Tracy and Henk TTC

I’m still working out the kinks, like the finding the right wordpress theme and organising widgets and sourcing (or making my own) custom header.

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I could have worked on some posts last night. Including a crafty one or two, and a Postcrossing one, and working on my next #pint, and fixing my list books That I’m currently reading.
I had downloaded all the relevant pics from 2 phones already and was busy sorting them.
Lili was happily playing in the kitchen with her fridge magnets.
It would have been a productive evening. I managed to get Lili in bed by 20:00 and she didn’t put up much of a fight this time.
Then I got a call out. At 20:09. And Henk was still at work and I couldn’t get hold of him to come home for an hour. So I phoned my friend and colleague to help out. She was already in her PJ’s. She should have said no, but she didn’t. How cool is that. Pulled on her tracksuit, brought a book along and chilled at my house while I processed a CSF.

So I’m going to make her a thank you present… need to get to the bead shop again 😀 And going to try again tonight to work on my posts.

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Last on my MUST-do list regarding beading was a blue/aqua gift. I made a key chain too cause I had the clasp and you can hook it to whatever.
{The Eiffel Tower is there cause it’s sort of a private joke; see we have a town called Parys, that’s Afrikaans for Paris. So it’s not such a biggie when you say that you are shopping in Paris 😉 }

I love the hand made charm and got a whole bunch of them. There’s supposed to be a coffee cup there too, but with so many doodahs, it’s probably hiding behind some. I added 2 ribbons this time  – I like adding it as it seems to soften the whole metal look.

I’ll try and get this mailed over the weekend. Hope my friend likes it!

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Surprise Surprise, I have a guest blogger for you today. I begged and begged and then I copied and pasted an email  she gave in. Tracy’s Topics presents to you the mother of a gorgeous little future son in law boy, always entertaining over a cup of fake-arula, more exciting than 7de Laan: my friend Supachick!! {we met on the interwebz and neither of us is a psycho killer… maybe}

Picture the scene… 

I pop home for lunch (since work and home are around the corner I can now do that!).  I’m sitting in the lounge watching TV and Leo (the FAS cat) keeps “digging” under the couch cushions.  So I recon there’s a moth or something that’s flown in that he’s trying to get to, and move the cushions.  Don’t see anything.  Put his (more) odd (than usual) behavior down to sniffing the deo can fumes that I had sprayed earlier and carry on watching TV.

 Next thing I see is a mole marching along the top on the couch and Leo head diving into the coffee table whilst trying to get to it.

 So…. That was the end of my quiet lunch in front of the telly.  Leo got exiled and I attempted to rescue the poor creature (the mole not the cat!).  Of cause, I know from past experience that they bite f@##$%#$ sore (don’t ask) so don’t actually wanna touch the thing.

I didn’t reach my goal in the end, closed all the windows and will re attempt this act before going to collect the other creature from school. 

Now, stop laughing, clean the tea off the PC Screen and get back up off the floor.  What did YOU do in your (non lunch time) lunch break?


Update later the day via text sms email:  

“after slaving at my desk for a further 2 hours, panic stricken over the life of the poor mole, I rush home to continue the rescue mission.  After searching high (well as high as I can get on my less than 1 full meter legs!) and low for said mole, I was about to give up the search when I thought he might be behind the fridge.  On the way to the fridge (still on hands and knees) I see the object of my desire…. My Rescue mission has just turned in to a recovery mission 😦 

Sadly Mr (I have no idea of the actual gender, nor do I have any over whelming desire to find out) Mole passed away sometime in the afternoon – cause of death?  Drowning via cats water bowl.”

And THAT Alanis, is IRONIC.

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# 77 Send real snail mail Christmas Cards to family and friends each year (1/3)

Huzzah! Sent Really real Christmas this year. Added a photo card of the family as well. See examples of them here and here.

I remember Christmas times we used to decorate a mantle or a bookcase with cards pegged to a string. Nowadays everyeone just send emails or sms’s. So I decided to send proper cards. Actually found some Afrikaans ones too! I even wrote one to each clinic that my lab services.

Next year I’ll try sending out even more.

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Ek wens al my lesers ‘n baie Geseënde Kersfees toe. Mag jul die dag saam met geliefdes geniet.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! May you enjoy the day spent with loved ones.

 Merry Christmas from Tracy's Topics

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#76 Have annual Christmas photo shoot with Henk and Amelia (1/3) Completed!

I think we all can say that money is tight this year. And with Henk working every single Saturday, and my schedule when on call being quite unpredictable thus un-plan-able, I decided to have us do DIY Christmas pics this year.

I fished out a white sheet that sometimes doubles as a tablecloth – my sheets aren’t white, every colour except white ok. I had Amelia’s little outfit planned, was still head scratching over what I was going to wear and whether to buy a few Santa hats from a street vendor.

But sometimes spontaneous is best. A few Sundays ago, that afternoon we drove to a friends’ two towns away for coffee. Lush grass and large old trees surround their house. The day was warm, but not hot, the cool breeze mild and refreshing. Picture perfect and idyllic. Amelia was hobbling around chasing some chickens while we lounged and caught up with chitchat.

There and then I told our friend to take our Christmas pictures, there under that tree, facing that way.

I am so chuffed with the results. We had a few bloopers as expected: Amelia wondering off after a stray chicken; A dog tried to steal some screen time; no-one looking in the same direction etc. but it wasn’t long before we got the money shot.

Merry Festive Season Everybody!

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