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I did it. I actually got up early, as soon as Henk left for work. Made sure Lili’s door was closed. Only switched on the lounge light. Volume down lo – I had switched the wiring at the back of the TV the previous night so that I wouldn’t have to fiddle with cables before dawn. Started up the wii and shook my booty for about 45mins.

We don’t have the balance board, but I got the Just Dance game that you only nee the wiimote for. Didn’t care much for getting high scores, but I did hit a 1300+ with Elvis remix of Little Less Conversation. Nearly knocked myself out with Womaniser. Those arm movements had me all twisted up. I can’t remember how many songs I did in total though.

I didn’t randomize the selection either. I chose songs that had higher effort than difficulty. As soon as I’ve tried all the songs, I’ll have the game choose for me to spice it up. (and yes, there is even a Spice Girl song – I pray no one saw me jiggy to Wannabe)

Glad I did the warm up – and I did it for a cool down as well, so I’m not even stiff today.
I skipped this morning cause I am EXHAUSTED. Henk only came off work at 23:40 and Lili woke us at 4:25. So I slept until 7am. But tomorrow is a new day and I’m planning on doing the dancing workout thing again.


***will check out Spark People as well

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Another not really planned goal achieved 8)

Henk mentioned a few Saturdays ago that he wanted to go to the beach and braai. Told him that we should actually get a gazebo and some camp chair {since we chucked out our old stuff cause they were either fubar, or very very old and patched too many times}.

You've seen this pic before 🙂

Off to Kaap Agri – cause we don’t have Cape Union Mart or Game even remotely close to us. Their prices were still laughable though {laughable bad}. We attempted Shoprite. On a Saturday. At 10:30. On a Saturday. On the last day of the month. On a Saturday. Found gazebo for a bargain R150, chairs about R70 each, so we had a little extra for a table for about R120. That’s still less than Agri wanted for their cheapest gazebo.

{* note to self: Ask Henk what this place’s name is}

This is Gert du Toit se baai.

It was hot and sticky at the sea. Our West Coast have FREEZING cold water due to the cold Benguela current flowing North’ish towards Namibia. The Chinese instructions didn’t deter us from matching yellow dots and blue dots and soon we had some shade.


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And now we are HOOKED!

I was following Annie and PB’s blog – it’s mainly about geocaching, but Annie posts about their animals and Postcrossing and everyday life as well. Anyhow, so it got me thinking what on earth is this all about. I mentioned it a in a flying comment to Henk, and we googled a bit, searched a bit but didn’t really get into it right away – the lingo bamboozled me completely.

Eventually, back at Annie’s, I followed some links on her blog, registered on the Geocaching site, and searched for any caches in our area. Huzzah, 4 of them are within a 20-mile radius of my home! For a rural area I was surprised to say the least. I mentioned it to Henk that there’s one at the Klawer 1-stop; where we always fill up before trekking down to Cape Town.

So it came that this Sunday past we went a-hunting. Armed with a GPS cell phone, google maps on the HTC, the correct page with converted co-ordinates on the LG Chatterbox, and a diaper bag we found our first cache!

Arguing over which rocks it could be (the clue mentions something) I stumbled around trees and after a while became self-conscious of passers by. Remembering the reason I didn’t take geography in high school I realised I was off by about 20 metres. Then I saw the clue. It all made sense. After some not-so-heavy-lifting there it was, this ordinary plastic bag, inside it an old Tupperware box. Jackpot. First thing that sprang to mind was that I couldn’t believe someone hasn’t liberated it yet.

I was ecstatic. Posed while Henk snapped a few or two (pics coming soon – Henk at business dinner at the mo and these are on his phone) and then thumbed through the entries in the logbook. While jotting down our entry this bakkie pulls over. Two guys lean out the window and holler ‘Busted!’. How cool was that! Running into another geocache team. They had found it 10 days before. I was on such a high that I didn’t even ask their names – all I know is they were from Cape Town 😉  (Turned out to be oceans247 – they emailed me after I logged the find – Thanks guys!)

Driving up the pass towards the water tank

And that’s how the bug bit us. One of the other 4 was a water tank on the Gifberg pass. Just over 20km from where we were anyway. Off we went again. By the time we started climbing the pass it was already 5pm and Amelia was getting niggly – poor sprite was hungry and wanting her bath. Always prepared I had an emergency meal in her diaper bag – sorted.

If I had driven alone I probably would have missed it. I had a picture of an actual water tank in my head – like a Jo-jo green one at least. But the water flowing from this cement ‘tank’ was cool and refreshing.

The water tank!

Even with following the clue we were stumped as to where the cache was hidden. Henk scrambled up the rock face with a broken finger and GPS in hand. Eventually he found it. Startled a little mouse in the process who decided to make his home behind the container.

Spectacular view from the pass

The view from up there is breathtakingly beautiful.

Henk searching for the cache

People that know me know that I’m not a bushwhacking kind of girl. Give me my computer, a console, smart phone etc, and I’m a happy chappy.

Don’t get me wrong,  I don’t mind camping, as long as there is a clean loo and hot shower nearby. So Henk has ridden all these little roads and passes on his bike excursions. So this is like our perfect hobby together. We get to do the whole exploring thing, and I get to play with gadgets too.

Henk finds it! Pic cropped to not spoil the location 😉

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One of my best friends from my student days is (finally) getting married! 15 Dec is just a few weeks away and I started dress hunting this week. Tried on some truely stunning items – stunning on the hanger and window displays – not so stunning on my never-gonna-be-a-size-10 frame.

Popped into another shop this morning quick; 5 dresses later I found it. The perfect Little Black Dress, from Donna Claire – so it hides the unsightly and flatters the va-va-voom – exactly what every woman wants in her closet.

Now to find some matching shoes, a clutch bag, jewelery… And a baby sitter.

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Cannot believe I did it, but ja, I actually managed to control my dishydrosis. Not cure it, by all means, don’t think there is a cure per se. But controlling it has made life easier to say the least. And if I see the tell tale signs of a looming breakout, I act quickly and effectively. Fatty Ointment is my best friend and now I need to find a pharmacy that will dispense it with out a script. Think it’s time I asked my dad for his opinion – he is a pharmacist after all.

The DOVE soap made all the difference. I’m using it at work for lab hygiene, I use it at home for personal hygiene; I even bath Amelia with it (her eczema is better too fyi). Now there are only 2 culprits: shampoo and dishwashing liquid.
I wash my hair every second day so it’s manageable and contact is limited. I try and use my left hand as much as possible. But there is no way I am changing my hair care products 😉

The other culprit is doing dishes. Dishwashing liquid is a female-dog to put it nicely. I have considered using the green sunlight bar soap, but ordinary bars also cause a reaction, just less severe than liquid soap. My only escape out of doing dishes (except having someone else do it) is to get a dishwasher. I’ve never had one and the homemaker in me sees it as a luxury item, not a necessity like a fridge or stove. But I am shifting the paradigm and planning to make it my first purchase on my new credit card – the red bank can kiss me goodbye, they have lost a long time client due to bad service and incompetent staff. Last straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak.

Now to check the Xmas specials pages (we don’t have a Black Friday) and choose a model.

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As an extra motivation to keep going strong on my 101 list, and for a bit of diversion when I need it, I attempt the challenges at Up for It. Few of them overlap with my own goals, so it’s double fun. Challenge #10 is to post a 1000 word post – on anything or many things. Guess what motivated this post J . So this post will be a discussion on all the little niggly goals that are long term, or have more than one outcome, or it’s over a period of time, say 3 months etc.

# 15 Drink 2 litres of water every day
 Not as easy as it sounds. But I really do try. Easiest is every time I go to the loo I drink a cup of water. (More water means more trips too) I also limit my coffee to 1 cup in the morning and 1 in the evening. Rest of the time I drink Rooibos tea, which is caffeine free, thus counts as water! 😀

#21.   Take a bubble bath once a month (1/33)
 This is actually really tough for me. Don’t get me wrong, I do wash 😉 but I would rather shower. The idea of stewing in your own filth that you are trying to wash off just doesn’t appeal to me. On the other hand, a bubble bath is relaxing. That’s why I put it on my list – cause I need to relax a bit more. Maybe I should practise opening the hot water tap with my big toe while in the tub.

# 22 Paint my toenails every Sunday (5/143)
 I do. Every Sunday (well, it’s Sunday somewhere on the planet at least, even if it’s Monday morning at my house ;o) ) Tried all my colours so far – I seriously need to get more interesting shades. Previously I did pink, clear, turquoise and berry. This week is black. Will check out Clicks this weekend; double points and a cash voucher says I should 😀

# 30 Trade 300 postcards through Postcrossing
I LOVE Postcrossing. I get all warm a fuzzy when sending my cards, and show off my received ones to the ladies at the lab. Best new hobby that everyone should try! I’ve sent 10 so far, or more accurately of the lot I’ve sent, 10 have reached their destinations and been registered. I’ve sent 15 so far, I think.

# 34 Sew 3 items for Amelia (1/3)
 I have managed to sew 1 item. I made her a fabric book. The ones in the shops weren’t so nice, and not quite what I was looking for. So the one I made a different activity on each page: there’s a zipper, shoestring with holes to thread and tie in a bow, buttons, little bells, shapes and textures. At the moment she adores the buttons. Doesn’t matter which page I try to focus her attention on, she will always page to the buttons.

39.    Finish Amelia’s first year book
          * Get a proper memory box
 I should probably have split this goal into 2. I managed to get Amelia a nice girly, but not too girly, memory box at the Crazy store. For about R80 you get a box, a stack of scrap booking paper, stickers, letters, borders, frames, and an album to store your pages. All the accessories are colour coordinated, so you can mix everything. I’m not a hard core scrap booker – that’s the one bug that never bit me. I feel it get so expensive wit hall the tools and fieterjasies you need to get. I like the easy one for dummies; for the novice like me. At crazy store I saw 3 themes: there’s a baby pastel colours one, a black-white-bling one; and the one I got is brown-pink-yellow. The black and white is stylish and all, but didn’t quite fit with Amelia – she is a bright little tomboy girly.

# 58 Learn CSS + html to customise blogs
 I can’t find my CSS for Dummies book – but it’s at my house somewhere. In the meantime, I’ve brushed up on my coding skills, and feel almost confident enough to scratch this off as completed. The only reason why I won’t be able to customise my blogs using CSS is cause I don’t have a CSS edit account at WordPress. Am seriously considering upgrading to one.

# 64 Finish Rise of Legends The Vinci — first campaign
 I can’t find my disc! And when I looked for the game on Kalahari… it wasn’t listed. It’s a classic, and old, but I want to play it- darn it! Will look in the last place I haven’t looked yet – bound to be there right? Right?!

# 68 Collect Sookie Stackhouse series – 9 books in series so far (7/9)
 I swear I didn’t do this intentionally, but the goal says Collect, not read. Tuesday I received my 7-book box set! It literally has a box that the books fit into. Too bad the first book has the True Blood cover, and not the original one. But the content remains the same regardless.
# 91 Donate 100,000 grains of rice on freerice.com (6000/100 000)
 I’ve stolen so many goals from Opi it’s not even funny. That’s where I first came across Freerice.com. The site helps to improve your vocabulary (but they have other categories as well). And for every question you get right, the site donates 10 grains of rice through the United Nations World Food Program.
And coincidently this is also a challenge at Up for It # 9! Opicana’s challenge is to reach 10 000. I’m taking the challenge! Just over 6000 grains for me at the moment. Let’s see if I can get to 10 000 by the end of the month. If I answer 50 questions correct a day, then it should take me about 10 days to reach 10 000. Mind you it took me from 4 October to now to get halfway to 10 000. But I’ll do my best to pick up the pace.
Some of those words are really hard! I tried the French option on Wednesday – didn’t do as bad as I thought. My top level reached was 7. In the English one I once reached 50 – but that was a stroke of luck as it was a medical term, after that it was all downhill back to the 30’s, lol.

 And that’s the recap of in-progress goals I’m working on.

And also completes my Up for It Challenge # 10: 1,000 Word Post !

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Dyshidrosis and variastions on spelling – but this is how Wiki spells i, but I have found published works that also spell it dishydrosis.

Warning. TMI (too much information) to follow
Like the Nac Mac Feegle, I believe in the power of words, and thus also the power of names.


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