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A few years back I got a tele-marketer call from someone offering Life Insurance – company is somewhat related to my Health cover, so I took the call. After about 10 minutes of answering questions, I was the proud holder of a Life Policy with 1 beneficiary. What’s neat is that it covers disability AND serious illness as well as death. So if I’m unable to work due to some freak accident, it pays out as well.

That was 4 years ago. In the meantime we have moved, relocated actually; Amelia was born, we even got some dogs.

So yesterday I called up the Provider, completed the application, and my Life Policy is now updated!

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I’ve updated my list page. I managed to do a few things these past few days

I’ve started my Sims blog here. #52
Started my Sims 3 Legacy # 61
I’ve painted my toe nails # 22 although did it on a Monday, not Sunday – it still counts ^_-
I have donated 200 grains of rice so far #91
And of course I’m still waiting for my postcards to reach their destinations.

And I started a Numer 54 Blogroll for Item #54 on my list 😀 Find, follow and link 10 other blogs ranging in content (1/10)

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