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Urg, I really have to do something about my body. You know it’s getting bad when your old maternity clothes start fitting comfortably.

SO, tomorrow morning (all diets and exercise start tomorrow) I will start working out with the help of wii. Starting off slow and see where it goes.

Diet wise; never been good at sticking to one, but will try and make more healthy choices.


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(Just noticed that a lot of my posts have exclamations. But this time I mean it)

I got an email from take2 that the True Blood season 2 DVD boxset that I want for Father’s Day… is on Sale! ON SALE!!

I put it on my wishlist and was THIS close to ordering it on Monday. Thank goodness I didn’t. Will do it later tonight after Lili has settled down.

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy!

*edit to add* Order is placed.. yessssssssss!!1!

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