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We have actually moved in! Monday was the big day (29-11-2010). And we’re still living out of boxes and suitcases.
The house isn’t done yet you see.

First the kitchen was just a fridge and a shell. By Monday evening we at least had a sink. Still no storage in the kitchen though.

I never realised how much junk i have in there! Let me put it in perspective: it took 4 women 3 hours to pack it on Friday. The rest of the house took another 3 hours.

Back to what’s still missing. On Monday our en suite was still out of order, at least the guest bathroom was done. But the contractor gave the wrong dimensions to the lumber supplier, so now the sink cupboard doors don’t fit. He says it’s so we can see what’s inside without having to open it. He was kidding.  The front stoep was still missing it’s roof.

But most of that has been completed now. Lili was the First to swim in my tub. Last might Henk could use the gas stove. I’ll break in the oven this weekend. Just waiting for the last of the kitchen drawers. See, in stead of cupboards at ground level, it’s all drawers so that I can reach all the stuff in the back.

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I tried, I did I did; but I failed.  Of course I have excuses; valid ones at that. I had to prepare for our very first six monthly review last – which I presented this week. I went really well and I got a complement from one of the pathologists.
An of course we are moving into our new house on Monday. Some packing had to be done. I’m typing this from my as-yet-not-packed PC cause it is an essential; right up there on the last-weekend-in-old-house-list with 4 plates, 4 cups, 4 sporks and a list of takeout numbers. No ways am I cooking as well as packing.

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On Sunday I took Lili with to church for a second cousin’s Christening. Felt like I was repeating myself the whole time with ‘Sit Still’ and ‘shhhh’.
So today I’m sitting next to the braai of our new house waiting for the builder to show up – there are a few things we need to discuss.
I lean forward to check how many lightbulbs I need to get for my chanelier. As I lean back, Lili leans forward. So I lean forward again, and she leans back. I lean back, she leans forward. We’re playing vertical sew-saw. THAT’s when she says to me :”Mamma, sit stil!”

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I nearly missed the very first day of NaBloPoMo. Ok, so I DID miss it, entirely. It wasn’t my intention. I had this nice welcoming post planned… and now have to change it to an apology.

You know, strike that. I’m turning it into a Plinky prompt: What is the best compliment you’ve gotten recently:

I got one this morning while shopping at Walton’s stationary. The guy from Telkom. I didn’t even notice it was a compliment until I saw his seven dwarf imitation of Bashful. I was touched. I had the glowing moodlet and everything.

I was a wee bit early (they only open at 8:30), but they let me in anyway. I needed a stapler, staples, small dot labels and some pens.  I was waiting at the counter to pay. A Telkom technician was trying to explain to the ladies how to reset their phone. That’s when one of the women sees me, or at least my cerise pink top. ”What a pretty top, and look it has cute little flowers on the shoulder.” She turns away and the guy says to me “Tell her it’s only pretty ladies who can wear a pretty top like that”. I blurted out a reflex reply that I will tell her, when I realized what he meant.

I left the shop all smiles; it made my day.

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As mens na al die advertensies kxk, sal jy sweer daar gaan net 2 tente wees: Huisgenoot stage en Castle tent. Toe nie.

Hoor ek vannaand met die tent daar in die hoek se inlyf dat Klip-inni-bos en Hunters ook tente gaan hê; met hul eie kunstenaars en programme.

En die VIP’s het nie aircon nie. Daai glo ek as ek dit sien. Weet Huisgenoot hoe die son kan bak op Vredendal?

En Russian op ‘n stok met spiral chip om gaan ook daar wees. Hoop net nie ek hoef weer 2 uur lank ve queue daarvoor nie.

Sien jou by die Rittel Huisgenoot Namaqua fees!

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I’ve had a few queries regarding Rittel Fees 2010, and I’ve seen the trend in searches to this site. I would have posted this earlier, but I’ve had quite a few PC related problems these past few weeks. And since this is an Afrikaans music festival, I’m dropping the English for now.

Reg, die Rittel fees het sy gat gesien. Daar’s spekulasie dat geld verduister is, en ek bedoel honderde duisende rande. En die regulars sê ook dat vorige jare (dis nou voor 2008) beter was – wel natuurlik was dit beter, daar was meer groot name. Punt is, Huisgenoot,  Namaqua wyn en Matzikama munisipaliteit reël nou ‘n splinternuwe fees: die Huisgenoot Namaqua-fees.  Kyk net al daai name op die advertensie.

Juanita du Plessis, Nicholis Louw, Die Broers, Viljoen Retief, Karen Ferreira, Arno Jordaan, Willem Botha, Andriëtte Norman, Gerrie Pretorius, Elizma Theron en Izak Davel is net ’n paar van die kunstenaars wat feesgangers in vervoering sal hê. Hulle kan ook uitsien om die stemme van Nádine, Kurt Darren, Albert de Wet, Wynand Strydom, Chereé, Andries Vermeulen, Fredi Nest, Romanz, Jennifer Jones, Heinz Winckler en Ray Dylan te hoor op die Huisgenoot Namaqua Wines-aandverhoog.

Beter nog, kyk op hul webwerf. Jy kan die fees ook op Twitter volg.

Kaartjie pryse lyk ook heel billik:

Kaartjiepryse vir die fees is as volg:
Donderdag: R60
Vrydag: R95
Saterdag: R110
Kinders 6 jr.-17jr.: R50
Kinders o-6: GRATIS

Ongelukkig weet ek nie of die skole en kerke weer hul gronde gaan oopstel aan kampeerders nie. Seker hulle sal weer paar randjies wil maak {nugter aleen weet ek is ook al moeg vir blink gesiggies met lootjie vorms vir een of ander fondsinsameling. Maar gee gee ek, eendag is my eie klein blink gesiggie met deurmekaar haarjies wat jy nie met ‘n saal borsel kan kam nie wat moet rondvra vir ‘n los geldjie sodat die onnies skadu-net in die parkeer area kan hê.}

Ek gaan my bes probeer om ook daar te wees. By die fees. Kanse is goed dat ek op roep is, maar wil graag daar ‘n draai maak. Blink gesiggie laaik vir Baby Tjoklits, maar weet nie of Gerhard Steyn daar gaan wees nie. Hmmm, wat van Hugo?  Anders maak ek net die vernsters wyd oop.

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PC returned from the doc. It has syphilis, herpes and more Trojans than Turkey. R400 later and I could take it home.

But I still couldn’t get into any secure sites! I was ready to storm in there this morning waving my invoice and DEMANDING the refund me for the slack job they did. Then I actually read the message on my cell cum modem. It said that my 14 day trial with Easy Tether was up and I won’t have any access to secure sites. Unles I pay US$9.99. But I don’t know if it’s a once off or a weekly, monthly, annual payment.

So I didn’t get to storm Digital Alliance’s shop. I’m back to using my LG Chatterbox as a modem.

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