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I found a tutorial that explains step-by-step how to give your pics a more vintage look.

Will update with link tomorrow. I the mean time, what do you think?



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Reposted from Amelia’s Adventures.

Did I mention that we’re potty training now? For real. She wears knickers at the day mom with no accidents! At home it’s still a bit shaky though. Tonight she wet her pants twice and had a more solid accident as well… While there was a house showing – mind you, I have very short notice on the house showing; not that it would have prevented the little slip-ups, but I then I probably wouldn’t have been scurrying about tidying up.

While on the subject of Lili getting to be such a Big Girl, she baked some cookies yesterday at the day mom’s! Bev rolled the dough, but Amelia chose which cutters she wanted to use and cut the cookies out herself. Then she chose the decorations and Bev lent a hand, making sure the sprinkles landed on the cookies. Poor nunu had to wait almost 2 hours before Daddy came home to show him her cookies – and THEN she scoffed them.

And the final milestone that has me in tears tonight: she managed to put her sandals on by herself. You know the tricky ones with the thong through the toes and a little strap around the back to keep the foot in and a lot of Velcro? She took them off and put them back on in one sitting. *sniff* Baby is growing up.


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Impersonating a zombie this week. Too many late nights. And too many deadlines at work. And somehow I missed the overtime submission deadline.

So technically I’m making some more goodies for market day on Saturday. Happy NaBloPoMo!

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Then this post would be funnier.

Trying to get Lili to carry her own backpack. The pack can’t be THAT heavy. She’s 2 and we’re potty training.  So in the bag are 5 shorts, 2 T-shirts, jeans, long top and a plethora of tiny panties. (Aren’t they the cutest! Not in a shifty kind of way, but in a aww so tiny with frilly elastic kind of way).

Peer pressure usually works to get her to do something… doesn’t work so lekker when she’s the only toddler in the room though. But I coax and cheer and dance when she DOES carry it.

Which brings us to this morning. Got her to carry the backpack, but I wasn’t ready to leave for daycare and work yet. So she’s tagging behind me and commenting on the shortage of catfood, when she starts whining. You know that sound. Meeuuuh. And she drops the pack. Heavy Mommy. You carry it.

But then she skips over to the counter where I keep my handbag. Will carry mom yellow bag. She pulls at the handle to get it off the counter *whomp* onto the floor. Man-handles it into her arms and waddles over to me. Here mommy, you carry too. Also heavy.

I had to stop her from pulling my extras bag off as well; that one might concuss her.

Think I’ll stick to her carrying the bread.

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I’ve had a few queries regarding Rittel Fees 2010, and I’ve seen the trend in searches to this site. I would have posted this earlier, but I’ve had quite a few PC related problems these past few weeks. And since this is an Afrikaans music festival, I’m dropping the English for now.

Reg, die Rittel fees het sy gat gesien. Daar’s spekulasie dat geld verduister is, en ek bedoel honderde duisende rande. En die regulars sê ook dat vorige jare (dis nou voor 2008) beter was – wel natuurlik was dit beter, daar was meer groot name. Punt is, Huisgenoot,  Namaqua wyn en Matzikama munisipaliteit reël nou ‘n splinternuwe fees: die Huisgenoot Namaqua-fees.  Kyk net al daai name op die advertensie.

Juanita du Plessis, Nicholis Louw, Die Broers, Viljoen Retief, Karen Ferreira, Arno Jordaan, Willem Botha, Andriëtte Norman, Gerrie Pretorius, Elizma Theron en Izak Davel is net ’n paar van die kunstenaars wat feesgangers in vervoering sal hê. Hulle kan ook uitsien om die stemme van Nádine, Kurt Darren, Albert de Wet, Wynand Strydom, Chereé, Andries Vermeulen, Fredi Nest, Romanz, Jennifer Jones, Heinz Winckler en Ray Dylan te hoor op die Huisgenoot Namaqua Wines-aandverhoog.

Beter nog, kyk op hul webwerf. Jy kan die fees ook op Twitter volg.

Kaartjie pryse lyk ook heel billik:

Kaartjiepryse vir die fees is as volg:
Donderdag: R60
Vrydag: R95
Saterdag: R110
Kinders 6 jr.-17jr.: R50
Kinders o-6: GRATIS

Ongelukkig weet ek nie of die skole en kerke weer hul gronde gaan oopstel aan kampeerders nie. Seker hulle sal weer paar randjies wil maak {nugter aleen weet ek is ook al moeg vir blink gesiggies met lootjie vorms vir een of ander fondsinsameling. Maar gee gee ek, eendag is my eie klein blink gesiggie met deurmekaar haarjies wat jy nie met ‘n saal borsel kan kam nie wat moet rondvra vir ‘n los geldjie sodat die onnies skadu-net in die parkeer area kan hê.}

Ek gaan my bes probeer om ook daar te wees. By die fees. Kanse is goed dat ek op roep is, maar wil graag daar ‘n draai maak. Blink gesiggie laaik vir Baby Tjoklits, maar weet nie of Gerhard Steyn daar gaan wees nie. Hmmm, wat van Hugo?  Anders maak ek net die vernsters wyd oop.

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