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It’s Post It Note Tuesday again with SupahMommy!

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#60 – Somehow update my expressims site without internet access at home, nor FTP access at work

After trying to reformat my computer, and eventually paying someone to do it 😛 I have managed to update my sims fansite, eXpresSims. Albeit the donation button code and a blurb on the front page.

All done in Notepad of course, cause I don’t have Dreamweaver installed anymore.  *sigh* It was old, but I liked that wysiwyg editor. Maybe I should upgrade to a newer version.

I haven’t created for that site in a long time, but I want to update it at lest once a month from now one. Will see how I keep it up.

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Keeping with Building a Better Blog challenge from Up for it, I’ve followed another step.

I’m going to dip my big toe into the ocean of social networks.

My novice scope of social networking encompasses tweeting and the occasional facebook status update. I’ve seen these little icons on so many pages though. I’ve found a site that has a document with easy-peasy copy-paste wordpress friendly code for me to dissect— but I lost the link in the process – the original author was Sunburntkamel though.

Don’t worry, I won’t over use it; this is more of a journal type blog after all. Posts I feel that are more article-type, as opposed to me going off at a tangent, will get the little icons. I’ll also stick to the top three or four and a local one or two.

I narrowed it down to delicious, stumble upon, digg, twitter, reddit, facebook, muti and laaik it.
Yikes, that makes 8, right? Lets see how it goes. Will add them to the most searched pages so far.

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I changed the blog’s name to Tracy’s Toppics. Since the scope of the blog has changed (see About page) I decided to do some proper spring cleaning: New name, new Header, new Button.

Tara from TSG designs designed a new header and button from me, YAY! Also updated the theme. I’ll be playing around with it a bit, so don’t be surprised to see some changes.

And best of all, she did it for free. Thank you again Tara! Go check out her site today to see what else she has made.


If you want to link to me, you can save this button to your own image host – please don’t steal bandwidth, it’s bad karma 😦

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The number of times I have edited posts now – It’s INSANE!!

I can understand my typical typos. But what the *heck* happened with my Rittelfees post??? Looked like I got trigger-happy on the copy-paste. Fixed it now. Apologies to the people who attempted to read it. It should have less of a déjà vu feeling now. Apologies to the people who attempted to read it. It should have less of a déjà vu feeling now.

That’ll teach me NOT to first copy into notepad, and THEN paste *sigh*

Not to mention what wordpress does to my list! I have it all neat and tidy in Frontpage, so I can edit it quick-quick off line, save it, copy-paste like a pre-schooler and Bob’s your uncle. Even when I hit the Preview page button does it give me a nice list op 101 things and a few headings. But this is deceiving. Actually browse the list from the main site, and you have 12 mini lists all starting with 1. *head-desk to rest a bit*

In the meantime, please be patient as I re-murder my html code, manually type in the numbers *cries* and wonder why WP doesn’t recognise <ol start=”12″>


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Now, I’m not an expert when it comes to pure code. When I see an effect I like on a site, I save the page, search throught the lines and lines of code and copy*paste*viola, I got it. That’s how I got the custom scroller bars on my sims fansite.

What I wanted to do (and I’ve been looking for a solution for a while) is display 3 images on a site; the images must load randomly; no 3 images must load simultaneously. If this was Pascal 5, I would have done it in 2 ticks. So I finally find a Javascript that can do almost exactly THAT. I tweak it a bit, test it in a page… it works beautifully. Top image will display my pets pics, middle image will do sceneries and objects, botom image will display people.

Then I try and paste the script to one of the Text Widgets in the right column on this site… big balagan. I check out the FAQ; Javascript is not supported – and will probably never be. *sigh*

Now I have to figure out how to convert my little script into html… I don’t even know if wordpress supports php. Maybe I can get it to work in CSS ?! I dunno.

I know I can add flickr to my site, but I don’t use it. Any other suggestions?

In the mean time, you’ll have to stare at the same 3 pics in the sidebar.

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