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Think I hit the pinnacle of irony in a dream last night… or this morning if you want to get technical about it.

I was trying to explain to a character how I induce lucid dreams, and that I would know if this were a dream. Like the voodoo hoodoo witch dwarf and the charming rep clones weren’t clue enough. I still didn’t realise I was dreaming. Not even after the total memory wipe and rehabilitation of our common enemies – they fetched our tea, with biscuits.

WikiHow explains how you can experience lucid dreams.
(Lucid dreaming is being aware of the fact that you are dreaming). I only use one of those methods described though.

When ever I feel an inkling of awareness that this is a dream, I ask myself : “am I dreaming?” Cause I will NEVER ask myself that in real life, no matter how cliche. The fact that I’m actually asking it tells me that it IS a dream and can start flying

Do you trigger lucid dreams? How?


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Had a management review last week and all (most of) the lab managers from our costaj region attended. This free trip to the Mother City gave me the chance to watch Harry Potter! On the big screen! With popcorn! (We don’t have a kino here in the Platteland)

So while chilling in the meeting, one of the ladies leans over and asks me if I’m aware that there are allegations that J.K. Rowling is a satanist. I knew this to be an email hoax; but didn’t feel like defending it directly. I know this woman; used to work with her. She’s the type who recoils at the thought of having a black colour scheme for a wedding. Or *gasp* painting your nails black. Honestly, it’s just a colour (or lack there-of. God also created it)
My answer? “and Neil Diamond is a Jew, but I’m still going to his concert.”

It’s not over yet. A few hours later she tells me how her son had written a letter to Santa, but he’s changing his mind now; of course they already bought the kid the original gift. I just shook my head.

I still feel uncomfortable telling Lili about Santa. I want her to know and understand the Christian meaning of Christmas, the symbolism of the tree, and why we give gifts. And eventually the irony of the date.

So yeah, my kid will probably spoil Santa for the other kids.

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Yes, I’m a fan. But not a fanatic fan – I had to google Harry’s birthday ok. I KNEW it was July 1980, just not the actual date. Why did I google it? Cause Part two of HP and the Deathly Hollows premiers 15 July 2010 – would have been a great stunt to have it premier on the 31st though.

I also haven’t been to any midnight book sales or movie viewing. I almost punched a kid next to me who was texting during Goblet of Fire (it had been showing for a week already) – his PARENTS glared at me though. I chucked my jelly beans (with edible flavours spanningthe fruit and berries spectrum, yes please) at them afterward. And since moving to the platteland I’ve ordered my books and supplementary reads via Kalahari.net.

I started reading HP after Prisoner of Azkaban the movie came out. The movie confused me, I thought there was probably more to the story and set out getting hold of the first 3 books. I try and not judge a book by its movie. My mom also started reading them after a while; we got Half Blood Prince at around the same time. I remember us texting to and fro at the end. How we couldn’t believe the betrayal; and the audacity of Rowling for killing such an integral character. And subsequent texts after reading DH – had us a lot of ‘Ahaa, THAT’s why it happened’ moments.

Right, so I checked YouTube for the official trailer (cause I haven’t seen it on TV yet. It’s my fault that I haven’t seen it yet cause I tend to watch channels where HP trailers won’t increase ratings)

Behold the official trailer!

And a second official trailer!

I have a course in Cape Town end of the month. I will watch it then – probably the latest show available, so texting tweens won’t distract me and I won’t get a warning for pouring butterbear pepsi over them.

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I have this pet peeve. Lately I’ve become more accommodating… to an extent. Garbage truck not coming today? Fine, maybe next week. You want to loudly and adamantly proclaim your belief that WCW is real? I’ll step out of the ring and let you have the floor. You want to argue about the mind-boggling properties of water? I’ll give you something to think about. You can wear a hat in my car, insult the colour of my wall, ignore my sms, even put sugar in my coffee… but don’t, please, for the love of Pete, put an ‘e’ in my name.

I don’t mind if that’s how you saved it on your personal phone, cause hopefully I wan’t see it. But if I emailed you from tracy@myemail.zef, and I have a signature at the bottom with my name in bold and a size bigger than the rest of the text and you STILL get it wrong?! – Here’s your sign.

So how do you handle an alternate spelling of a name? Copy/paste the person’s name from their email : Dear [scroll down, click drag, ctrl-c, scroll up, click, ctrl-v].

So that’s it. The thing that bugs me the most, and most often, is the extra silent vowel some cretins insist in shoving in my handle.

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Categorically and unequivocally I can answer that as: “… my Soul mate”, and any derivative thereof. I want to bash my head against the wall when I read that. I want to Xerox my eyeballs to burn away the text. I want to huddle up in a little ball and weep for the poor sod who wrote that. (Did I use enough cliché to describe my pet hate?)

Seriously you know, I get it. I get that the person you are describing is special, and I trust that you love him/her. But it has been used and misused so much that (to me) it has lost that little bit of divine innocence. Think about the actual meaning of Soul Mate. In a time before you became flesh-and-bone human you were just a soul in the ethos. But you had a friend, a maatjie. And this friendship was probably more of a partnership of truth and beauty because all of the humanity surrounding earthly relationships was absent. And now, against all odds of time and space and 6 billion people, you managed to find YOUR soul mate: same age as you, same town as you, heck online at the same time as you if you will, and as it works out you get to belong to each other now… on earth… souls inhabiting bodies. It can be beautiful, and it probably is. But it’s been tarnished. Its gone mainstream and every love struck romance novel, movie and twitter feed is spewing Soul Mate. It became cliché.

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I nearly missed the very first day of NaBloPoMo. Ok, so I DID miss it, entirely. It wasn’t my intention. I had this nice welcoming post planned… and now have to change it to an apology.

You know, strike that. I’m turning it into a Plinky prompt: What is the best compliment you’ve gotten recently:

I got one this morning while shopping at Walton’s stationary. The guy from Telkom. I didn’t even notice it was a compliment until I saw his seven dwarf imitation of Bashful. I was touched. I had the glowing moodlet and everything.

I was a wee bit early (they only open at 8:30), but they let me in anyway. I needed a stapler, staples, small dot labels and some pens.  I was waiting at the counter to pay. A Telkom technician was trying to explain to the ladies how to reset their phone. That’s when one of the women sees me, or at least my cerise pink top. ”What a pretty top, and look it has cute little flowers on the shoulder.” She turns away and the guy says to me “Tell her it’s only pretty ladies who can wear a pretty top like that”. I blurted out a reflex reply that I will tell her, when I realized what he meant.

I left the shop all smiles; it made my day.

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Tracy:“… so it’s kinda nerve-wracking when the driver tries to have a conversation with you.”

SC: “But are deaf people allowed to drive? I thought they weren’t allowed to drive.”

Tracy: “Of course they’re allowed to drive. Blind people aren’t allowed to drive. Mind you, I don’t know if there is even a law against the blind driving. I bet some blind person will deliberately get a licence JUST because there is no such law.”

SC: “No, there is a law; I read it in the K53.”

Tracy: “What, the braille K53?”

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