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I go this email from NaBloPoMo. They were asking how everyone was still keeping up with posting every day, and in the mail was a link about IComLeavWe – International Comment Leaving week. For one week every month you have to leave 5 comments a day on any blog – but to help you use the list at their site (I’m on as # 133!) and to return 1 comment, for a total of 6 comments a day.

This isn’t on my official 101 list, but I’m going to try and do this every month – as part of my second list, or even a Stolen Goal… that’s technically not stolen lol.

Still deciding how I’m going to approach choosing the sites to comment on. Maybe to choose a theme – like any title with a colour for one day, all baby stuff for another day. I’ll see. Should be fun!


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I’ve updated my list page. I managed to do a few things these past few days

I’ve started my Sims blog here. #52
Started my Sims 3 Legacy # 61
I’ve painted my toe nails # 22 although did it on a Monday, not Sunday – it still counts ^_-
I have donated 200 grains of rice so far #91
And of course I’m still waiting for my postcards to reach their destinations.

And I started a Numer 54 Blogroll for Item #54 on my list 😀 Find, follow and link 10 other blogs ranging in content (1/10)

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