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National Blog Posting Month!

Don’t ask me which nation. I just know that I really enjoyed it last year, so I’m doing it again.

All you do is post on your blog every day for a month. Easy peasy. I’ll be posting on several blogs and using Tracy’s Topics to link to them, or to recycle the posts. This means that for the next 30 days, here, at least you will have something to read everyday.

Who else is taking up the challenge!?

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Finally completed this challenge: Donate 10 000 grains of rice through FreeRice.com . Took a lot longer that I thought it would. Not that it was difficult; but when I find those 5 mins I have to spare, these’s always something else to do.

Also now I’m 1/10 done with #91 on my 101 list.

I didn’t just do the English vocabulary but tried some Geography and French as well.

This was a fun challenge as I can do it on mobile too.

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#50 Blog everyday for a month, attempt this November for extra brownie points – NaBloPoMo

And also Up for it Challenge #5!
How fun was that! But honestly, I’m a bit drained now. Not that I had posted world-changing literature or anything, but the nagging little reminder in my mind that ‘I still have to post something today for NaBloPoMo’ can finally be shot, buried, dug up, cremated, blended, brewed, drunk, and excreted down the loo. Then again I’m so in the habit now of posting daily, I might post twice daily – who knows!

But I won’t feel obligated to post every-single-day anymore.

That said, it was still fun. I tried to find some topics or events to babble on about. And of course one more item scratched off of my 101 list!

P.S. I know in the one comment I said I will write about a specific topic for my second to last post – I’m postponing it to a later date so I can number crunch.

P.P.S If this post seems a bit negative or like a downer  – I’m having a crappy day at work. Will try harder!

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Keeping with Building a Better Blog challenge from Up for it, I’ve followed another step.

I’m going to dip my big toe into the ocean of social networks.

My novice scope of social networking encompasses tweeting and the occasional facebook status update. I’ve seen these little icons on so many pages though. I’ve found a site that has a document with easy-peasy copy-paste wordpress friendly code for me to dissect— but I lost the link in the process – the original author was Sunburntkamel though.

Don’t worry, I won’t over use it; this is more of a journal type blog after all. Posts I feel that are more article-type, as opposed to me going off at a tangent, will get the little icons. I’ll also stick to the top three or four and a local one or two.

I narrowed it down to delicious, stumble upon, digg, twitter, reddit, facebook, muti and laaik it.
Yikes, that makes 8, right? Lets see how it goes. Will add them to the most searched pages so far.

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And I’ve really run out of backup drafts. I blame my eagerness during the first week when I would double post. But take a look at that calendar! Every single day has an entry. There are no black days before the 15th. All blue. Quite chuffed with myself.
Don’t think I’ve ever blogged so much or so often in my life. And I’m enjoying it thoroughly.

It helped that SA’s got Talent was on; gave me something to write about. Every evening after the show I would write my little blurb, and next day at work I would publish quick quick.

Also figured out how to copy-paste html so as to put pics in my posts. So I’ll edit pics on my home pc, download onto my cell, upload to site from my cell, edit post in word/notepad, paste onto site as a draft and hope for the best. Then when the time comes I hit the publish button. So far I’m mostly only one day ahead of my posts, but for the weekends I make sure I have at least 2 posts as drafts.

Here’s to the last 15 day stretch!

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As an extra motivation to keep going strong on my 101 list, and for a bit of diversion when I need it, I attempt the challenges at Up for It. Few of them overlap with my own goals, so it’s double fun. Challenge #10 is to post a 1000 word post – on anything or many things. Guess what motivated this post J . So this post will be a discussion on all the little niggly goals that are long term, or have more than one outcome, or it’s over a period of time, say 3 months etc.

# 15 Drink 2 litres of water every day
 Not as easy as it sounds. But I really do try. Easiest is every time I go to the loo I drink a cup of water. (More water means more trips too) I also limit my coffee to 1 cup in the morning and 1 in the evening. Rest of the time I drink Rooibos tea, which is caffeine free, thus counts as water! 😀

#21.   Take a bubble bath once a month (1/33)
 This is actually really tough for me. Don’t get me wrong, I do wash 😉 but I would rather shower. The idea of stewing in your own filth that you are trying to wash off just doesn’t appeal to me. On the other hand, a bubble bath is relaxing. That’s why I put it on my list – cause I need to relax a bit more. Maybe I should practise opening the hot water tap with my big toe while in the tub.

# 22 Paint my toenails every Sunday (5/143)
 I do. Every Sunday (well, it’s Sunday somewhere on the planet at least, even if it’s Monday morning at my house ;o) ) Tried all my colours so far – I seriously need to get more interesting shades. Previously I did pink, clear, turquoise and berry. This week is black. Will check out Clicks this weekend; double points and a cash voucher says I should 😀

# 30 Trade 300 postcards through Postcrossing
I LOVE Postcrossing. I get all warm a fuzzy when sending my cards, and show off my received ones to the ladies at the lab. Best new hobby that everyone should try! I’ve sent 10 so far, or more accurately of the lot I’ve sent, 10 have reached their destinations and been registered. I’ve sent 15 so far, I think.

# 34 Sew 3 items for Amelia (1/3)
 I have managed to sew 1 item. I made her a fabric book. The ones in the shops weren’t so nice, and not quite what I was looking for. So the one I made a different activity on each page: there’s a zipper, shoestring with holes to thread and tie in a bow, buttons, little bells, shapes and textures. At the moment she adores the buttons. Doesn’t matter which page I try to focus her attention on, she will always page to the buttons.

39.    Finish Amelia’s first year book
          * Get a proper memory box
 I should probably have split this goal into 2. I managed to get Amelia a nice girly, but not too girly, memory box at the Crazy store. For about R80 you get a box, a stack of scrap booking paper, stickers, letters, borders, frames, and an album to store your pages. All the accessories are colour coordinated, so you can mix everything. I’m not a hard core scrap booker – that’s the one bug that never bit me. I feel it get so expensive wit hall the tools and fieterjasies you need to get. I like the easy one for dummies; for the novice like me. At crazy store I saw 3 themes: there’s a baby pastel colours one, a black-white-bling one; and the one I got is brown-pink-yellow. The black and white is stylish and all, but didn’t quite fit with Amelia – she is a bright little tomboy girly.

# 58 Learn CSS + html to customise blogs
 I can’t find my CSS for Dummies book – but it’s at my house somewhere. In the meantime, I’ve brushed up on my coding skills, and feel almost confident enough to scratch this off as completed. The only reason why I won’t be able to customise my blogs using CSS is cause I don’t have a CSS edit account at WordPress. Am seriously considering upgrading to one.

# 64 Finish Rise of Legends The Vinci — first campaign
 I can’t find my disc! And when I looked for the game on Kalahari… it wasn’t listed. It’s a classic, and old, but I want to play it- darn it! Will look in the last place I haven’t looked yet – bound to be there right? Right?!

# 68 Collect Sookie Stackhouse series – 9 books in series so far (7/9)
 I swear I didn’t do this intentionally, but the goal says Collect, not read. Tuesday I received my 7-book box set! It literally has a box that the books fit into. Too bad the first book has the True Blood cover, and not the original one. But the content remains the same regardless.
# 91 Donate 100,000 grains of rice on freerice.com (6000/100 000)
 I’ve stolen so many goals from Opi it’s not even funny. That’s where I first came across Freerice.com. The site helps to improve your vocabulary (but they have other categories as well). And for every question you get right, the site donates 10 grains of rice through the United Nations World Food Program.
And coincidently this is also a challenge at Up for It # 9! Opicana’s challenge is to reach 10 000. I’m taking the challenge! Just over 6000 grains for me at the moment. Let’s see if I can get to 10 000 by the end of the month. If I answer 50 questions correct a day, then it should take me about 10 days to reach 10 000. Mind you it took me from 4 October to now to get halfway to 10 000. But I’ll do my best to pick up the pace.
Some of those words are really hard! I tried the French option on Wednesday – didn’t do as bad as I thought. My top level reached was 7. In the English one I once reached 50 – but that was a stroke of luck as it was a medical term, after that it was all downhill back to the 30’s, lol.

 And that’s the recap of in-progress goals I’m working on.

And also completes my Up for It Challenge # 10: 1,000 Word Post !

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Up for It is the brainchild of Opi. Every week she posts “challenges'” to readers. They in turn are encouraged to post about their experiences. Read more on her About page.

So for celebrating this new blog, she is hosting a giveaway!

Anyone can enter. And by being more active and participating in other challenges, you increase your number of entries into the giveway.

I’ve added the site’s button to the column on the right. Go check out the site today!

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