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Following on the post where I learned about beading and made two bookmarks.

I made a keychain the other day – it’s super chunky and full of little charms for my cousin to find. She’s having their first baby, also a little girl, and I wanted to make something especially for her new Mommy – people tend to focus so much on the new baby, that mommy sometimes feels a little neglected ;) s’true.

Some of the charms I’ve put on are a kitty, cute shorts, made with love, strawberry, made for an angel, coffee cup, swirly, love and laugh cameo’s and lots of beads and dangly bits. Hope she like it 😀

I got her some goodies for baby too, like receiving blanket, baby-gro’s (some call them onesies… I think), Fissan Paste bum cream (that I SWEAR by), petroleum jelly, some cute hair bands, and the infamous Jungle Juice recipe. Getting all broody just making up this care package! I want to get maybe 1 or 2 more things, then I’ll mail it.

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Funny how I got into this. I honestly wanted to learn to crochet – so that I can make a bag from plarn using my collection of colourful department store bags. My mom even got me a size J crochet hook (it’s a huge size 10)

I went to our local craft supplier shop – Lé Mar Arts & Crafts – my domestic worker was ill, so I took her to the doctor, and since it was right around the corner, I popped in quick-quick.

The owner was busy unpacking some bookmarks she had made. I was charmed – right there I decided that I want to make my own. I went back that afternoon to raid the shelves.

There was a variety of bookmark bases: from long weird looking arms, dolphins, feather type design with paisley – I liked the mermaids: 2 in a packet for R20. This makes the base that you place inside the book; Then you add whatever you want to the ring. I wanted to take a look at her original ones for some inspiration – but they were all sold out by then 😮 So I used one of the key chain/handbag charms as a guide.

Of course I needed some more paraphernalia other than beads, charms and a chain. Got  round nose pliers and side cutter – both about R17 each, some head pins and jump rings.

The owner’s daughter was doing the afternoon shift that day; I asked her how to do a few things, like attaching a bead to the chain {i had no idea ok}, how do attach a ribbon to the chain – without the obvious ‘make a knot’ option.

After Amelia went to bed and the one-pot-meal was simmering {did I mention that I am not fond of cooking}, I started beading {more jewelry making technique though}. I black one is for me {surprise it’s not orange!}. The pink one is for a special lady who’s birthday is coming up soon. I made them chunky, cause that’s what I  like. There is also a lot of little ‘hidden’ charms that you might not see at first glance – that’s the whole idea. I wanted it  to be that everytime you look at it, you see something you missed the last time.

What do you think?

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My mom said the photo’s on Amelia’s blog are old. So I’ve had a marathon session at my PC today updating it. I’m all caught up now! I also edited the previous entries with the correct dates so now the posts are really chronological. Find a list of all the new photo posts here.

Includes our Christmas 2009 Pics!

I’m going to try my best up update her pics at the end of every month. If I stick to it then i won’t get behind!

That’s another goal achieved! {*short high five*}

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Another not really planned goal achieved 8)

Henk mentioned a few Saturdays ago that he wanted to go to the beach and braai. Told him that we should actually get a gazebo and some camp chair {since we chucked out our old stuff cause they were either fubar, or very very old and patched too many times}.

You've seen this pic before 🙂

Off to Kaap Agri – cause we don’t have Cape Union Mart or Game even remotely close to us. Their prices were still laughable though {laughable bad}. We attempted Shoprite. On a Saturday. At 10:30. On a Saturday. On the last day of the month. On a Saturday. Found gazebo for a bargain R150, chairs about R70 each, so we had a little extra for a table for about R120. That’s still less than Agri wanted for their cheapest gazebo.

{* note to self: Ask Henk what this place’s name is}

This is Gert du Toit se baai.

It was hot and sticky at the sea. Our West Coast have FREEZING cold water due to the cold Benguela current flowing North’ish towards Namibia. The Chinese instructions didn’t deter us from matching yellow dots and blue dots and soon we had some shade.


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#61 on my list is to complete a legacy challenge and blog about it. Follow the link to Gen 2.7 of my redfern Legacy (Sims 3)

On a side note – I foind so really cool PhotoShop brushes.

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I have been given the Happy 101 award by Opicana from Up for It! Thank you!

She has some nifty challenges for everyday life!

The rules for this award are-

1. Copy and paste the award on your blog

2. List who gave you the award and their link

3. List 10 things that make you happy

4. Pass the award on to other bloggers and let them know

10 Things that make me happy (in random order)

  • Amelia. She really makes me happy. The little things she is newly discovering that I take for granted. Her belly laughs when I tickle her. The way I love her unconditionally.
  • Henk. We have our ups and downs as all married couples do; but I still love him and he makes me happy; the way he offers me his shoes when the sand is too hot, the way he kills (or removes) bugs for me, and he makes a great cuppa too.
  • Snail Mail. I mostly get accounts in my mail box. I think my Mom and Grandparents are the only people I know who still send birthday and Christmas cards via snail mail. That’s why I joined Postcrossing. So now when I check my box every week, I have some postcards – hand written addressed and stamped – from ALL over the world; giving me a glimpse into their lives.
  • A strong cup of coffee. Seriously. I need it to start my day. And when I’m not in the friendliest of moods, a good strong cuppa makes me smile.
  • My PC. Whether it’s playing games, experimenting in photoshop or just surfing the net, my pc makes me happy.
  • Sunset. We get gorgeous sunsets here. To me it means the end of a day – be it productive, inspiring, lazy or one of discovery. But sometimes I just pause to watch it; see the colours change without effort, the stars twinkling into sight, nature giving her last ruffle of feathers before settling down for the night.
  • Blogging. Just sharing my thought of nuances – it’s like therapy really. And of course comments on my blog entries – That makes everyone happy.
  • Family. My family is small by most standards, and we are spread across the country. It makes me happy when we get together. And when we can’t, then Facebook makes me happy where we can still keep up with everybody’s happenings.
  • Taking a stroll. Scientifically proven, sunshine makes you happy. And it makes me happy too. Leisurely walking down the beach or crouching down on all fours to really LOOK at the flowers in Namakwaland – that makes me happy.
  • And lastly, my friends make me happy. Sharing in their joy and supporting them in sorrow – as I know they do with me too. Friendship makes me happy.

I am giving this to Anne from Anne’s 101 in 1001

and to new comer Lu from BloggeLu

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I love when I do a list item without realizing it. It’s because a lot of the items on my list is what I’ve been meaning to do for a while now, and never seem to either have time or take the opportunity (make the opportunity) to do. The list sort of helps to put it in perspective.

We were in Cape Town for a wedding and of course fitted in some shopping. I was hunting for some DVD’s for Amelia. {found Fraggle Rock –clap clap-} Henk browsed the Afrikaans CD’s and plonked Beeskraal  in my hands… to pay at the till you see.

We probably listened to it on the way back but I was reading so wasn’t paying attention. It’s still in my car – will take a proper listen to see if I like it. I only know 1 song by them anyway: Afrikaans rendition of “Green, green grass of home” called “Plaasdorp”. (The Rittelfees crowd of 2007 also only knew the lyrics to that song 🙂 )

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