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Week 32 already!? Gosh. Feels like yesterday when I pee’ed on a stick.
So we went to meet my gynae about 2 weeks ago. She verified my date… sort of. Just so that we can have a vague idea of when to expect baby: due date is 12 September 2008. Estimated birth weight is 3.8kg. This is where I turn to henk and sing ‘Told you so, told you so, told you the Groblers are big babies’.
The Dr showed us a growth curve, and baby is sitting on the upper limit of normal. So she’s big, but not abnormally so.
During the sonar, baby winked at us. I just squeeled like a fangirl. Oh yes, and baby is still a girl. No surprises there. Not that she was shy before to show us her gender.
I officially look pregnant. You can’t make a mistake anymore. I waddle like a penguin. I sit slightly open legged – I can’t even cross my legs anymore. I’m much more aware of my back. Just lying or sitting funny will cause a jab of pain. I don’t run for anything. Not the phone, not the CEO holding the line, not for an elevator, nothing. Henk mocks me when I get up from a chair or the couch – he asks whether I’m in gear yet. Sit hom in rat liefie. And I still suffer from Preggy Brain. Will that ever go away?

I can’t see my feet so lekker, and can barely reach them. Henk’s on tying-shoe-laces and back-rub duty. I still have trouble brushing my teeth. I get a gag reflex after about a minute. The secret is not to think about it, but how can you NOT think about doing something, when you’re doing it?! So I stand there with foam coming out of my mouth, eyes closed, feverously brushing, a frown on my forehead from concentrating on what I’m going to do with Mollie’s puppies – and then it hits me. Spit in the basin, rinse mouth for what it’s worth… I’ll try again later.
A plus is that my leg cramps are better. I can’t actually remember the last time I woke up form one… last week maybe. Just glad that’s over.
Going for my second last antenatal class on Thursday – we doing’ How to bath a baby’. Don’t laugh, ‘cause I haven’t got a clue. I’m glad that I have class with Estelle. A friend of mine recently had a baby girl (2 weeks ago); she also went to antenatal classes, but it sounds like they concentrated more on exercises. They didn’t even cover breastfeeding. At least the sister at the clinic could give her some good advice.

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