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We got the plot. We got the plan. Now we need the money. We definitely don’t have the cash, so we gather all relative documents and get ready to humbly grovel on the scotch-guarded carpets of our local banks. Even make appointments: We start with FNB and Nedbank (Yes, I will name them, cause then I get to shame them)

Henk fetches me from work a few weeks ago for our back2back appointments with relative consultants. We get ushered us a creaky staircase at FNB (notice how FNB banks are always in the oldest, museum-y type buildings). We announce ourselves at the little window; gosh, that lady was rude. She asks if the consultant is expecting us. We reply yes, we have an appointment. She looks over to a closed door; says that it looks like there is someone in there with her, we have to wait.

Now, I am sorry but since when is having x-ray vision a pre-requisite to work in a bank?! She didn’t phone to check if there’s anyone in there, but we trusted her judgement – LAST TIME I EVER WILL. And we wait. We wait 20mins. Another customer stumbles up the stairs and insists he is waiting for important documents and wants to see the consultant NOW – presto, no one in the office except the consultant lady herself. Glare-glare mumble-mumble we walk in; only to be told that this is the first time in 12 years at working at the bank that she has to apply for a building loan. We should have turned around and walked out. But we didn’t. We waited patiently while she downloaded the needed paperwork – No, she wasn’t prepared for our meeting. (I was tweeting furiously by then about staff incompetence; cause I like my coffee with a bit of passive aggressive milk in it.). Half an hour of answering questions later, we trek across the road to our next appointment.

At Nedbank the consultant was ready with papers and terms and conditions and advice and a pen. I felt more at ease when she said that she regularly applies for building loads. Our expenses were also more thoroughly discussed and documented. And she understood what we meant by using the plot as security to get a 100% loan.

I had mixed feelings when returning to work. I was excited at this next big-huge step we have taken… but apprehensive at the outcome of our applications.

Why only apply at these banks you ask? Henk and I both have accounts with FNB, so hopefully that counts in our favour. Nedbank is known for good service and competitive interest rates. I’m still boycotting ABSA after my 10 years of loyal service cause they stuffed up a LOT the previous year; and we don’t know anything about Standard bank, so ignorance is bliss.

Now we wait and see if we get some money.

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