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The kids are taking over!

LOVED little Daniel Petersen on those drums! I voted for him 5 times.(i swear only in SA would they limit you to 50 votes per cell# lol)

Congrats Cleo Filander – fabulous voice on that girly! And the phenomenal Darren Rajbal danced his way into SA’s hearts; they are through to the finals on Thursday.

How can you not jump up and join the dance with the energy from Show Stopaz? The colour-coordinated clothes and hair gave it the professional edge.

I missed a bit of Soccer mania and their magic act. These guys must continue outside SAGT; the combination of their two favourites makes for great entertainment. I completely missed Umbumbano cause Amelia was restless, but what I saw on the recap was top notch.

Adino’s and Astro ventroloquism act was super – he wrote a great script, and manipulated the puppet well. But I can’t help cringing that the audience didn’t respond to his jokes. However, I feel his audition was better than last night. Still, all the best to him for future endeavours.

The standard is so high though, it feels like we’re being spoiled with quality acts! What will be in store tonight?

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