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Tracy: “So, do you know the story of Alice?“
Henk: “No”
Tracy: “What do you mean, ‘No’ “
Henk: “I mean that I don’t know the story of Alice”
Tracy: “You don’t know it? Not even the Disney version?”
Henk: “No”
Tracy: “Opium smoking blue caterpillar?”
Henk: “No”
Tracy: “Cheshire cat?”
Henk: ”No”
Tracy: “Un-birthday Tea Parties with the Mad Hatter”
Henk: “No”
Tracy: “Drink Me, Eat Me; sides of a mushroom that make you grow or shrink?”
Henk: “No”
Tracy: “’Off with their heads’ and painting the roses red? Flamingo crocket? ”
Henk: “No”
Tracy: “You really don’t know any Alice in Wonderland”
Henk: “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!”


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Henk: “So what are we watching?”
Tracy:Alice in WonderlandTim Burton’s version”
Henk: “OK”

After 5 mins.

Henk: “Didn’t you say this was a Tim Burton movie?”
Tracy: “Yes. Why?”
Henk: “So where are the funny creatures and stuff.”
Tracy: “They’re still coming”
Henk: “But this looks like an Austin flick.”
Tracy: “I know. They need to explain the back story; the creatures will still come”

Few minutes later

Henk: “I don’t think this is a Tim Burton movie. Where’s Johnny Dep?”
Tracy: “There, the white rabbit just rushed by. The creatures are coming. Hush. ”

Alice FINALLY enters wonderland, drinks the Drink Me, eats the Eats Me, and scrambles through the little door.

Henk: “AHA! A crooked tree and it’s looks dark and eerie. This IS a Tim Burton movie”
Tracy: * face palm *

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