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Had to go to Vredenburg to train on another chemistry instrument and to also swop intstruments with their lab. Coming home today I decided to take the secondary back roads through a few will-never-visit-otherwise dorpies and hunt down a few caches.

'The Fish house'

First stop was Berg River View (Western Cape). The clue ‘Don’t get in a knot over this one!‘helped a lot. Although I did start off with looking in some not-so-obvious places. Eventually found it. Borrowed a pencil from some friendly muggle ladies (cause I left my handbag in the car) , I told them all about this treasure hunt cause they were right next to the cache!

Enjoying the view from the stoep

Quite chuffed that I found it cause it was a dreaded micro cache.

The water of the Berg Rivier was a bright shade of blue – almost turquoise.

I didn’t stop for bokkoms, not too fond of them 😉 Hit the road soon-soon navigating to the next one.

Berg Rivier

Misleading bit of tarred road to Aurora

I was a bit weary taking the route to Aurora cause it’s a dirt road; but it wasn’t THAT bad. Still had some stretches of sinkplaat though – at least no big rocks. Google maps guided me to the quaint little dorpie. Typically the main road through town is tarred. The town is almost just a church, pub, and post office – I’m assuming there’s a post office since I didn’t see it.

An unexpected find leads you to a pub run by Helmut. Clue mentioned all the copper pots. GPS acted up a bit inside (at one point it told me to 36m south, lol.

After snooping around a bit I found it… in an unexpected place of course. Traditional cache so I swapped some swag.

Biggest building in town

By then it was getting late and I was missing home, but still stopped for a quick look-a-round at PEARSHAPED OR ROUND?, but didn’t find it. Although I admit that my mobile’s battery was f-l-a-t and there wasn’t any signal to read any info on the cache online. And I wasn’t wearing the right shoes either.  Turns out that the previous log didn’t find it, so I’m glad I didn’t search too long. Plus I needed to save some battery for using google maps to get back to a more familiar route.

The drive was stunning. The road winded around scenic rock formations and still green veld. Saw quite a lot of road kill; then as expected more than a few falcons. I don’t know my birds of prey at all, so anything not resembling a crow or pigeon and looks sort of like a little eagle, I call a falcon – could have been a kestrel too.

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