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I have been given the Happy 101 award by Opicana from Up for It! Thank you!

She has some nifty challenges for everyday life!

The rules for this award are-

1. Copy and paste the award on your blog

2. List who gave you the award and their link

3. List 10 things that make you happy

4. Pass the award on to other bloggers and let them know

10 Things that make me happy (in random order)

  • Amelia. She really makes me happy. The little things she is newly discovering that I take for granted. Her belly laughs when I tickle her. The way I love her unconditionally.
  • Henk. We have our ups and downs as all married couples do; but I still love him and he makes me happy; the way he offers me his shoes when the sand is too hot, the way he kills (or removes) bugs for me, and he makes a great cuppa too.
  • Snail Mail. I mostly get accounts in my mail box. I think my Mom and Grandparents are the only people I know who still send birthday and Christmas cards via snail mail. That’s why I joined Postcrossing. So now when I check my box every week, I have some postcards – hand written addressed and stamped – from ALL over the world; giving me a glimpse into their lives.
  • A strong cup of coffee. Seriously. I need it to start my day. And when I’m not in the friendliest of moods, a good strong cuppa makes me smile.
  • My PC. Whether it’s playing games, experimenting in photoshop or just surfing the net, my pc makes me happy.
  • Sunset. We get gorgeous sunsets here. To me it means the end of a day – be it productive, inspiring, lazy or one of discovery. But sometimes I just pause to watch it; see the colours change without effort, the stars twinkling into sight, nature giving her last ruffle of feathers before settling down for the night.
  • Blogging. Just sharing my thought of nuances – it’s like therapy really. And of course comments on my blog entries – That makes everyone happy.
  • Family. My family is small by most standards, and we are spread across the country. It makes me happy when we get together. And when we can’t, then Facebook makes me happy where we can still keep up with everybody’s happenings.
  • Taking a stroll. Scientifically proven, sunshine makes you happy. And it makes me happy too. Leisurely walking down the beach or crouching down on all fours to really LOOK at the flowers in Namakwaland – that makes me happy.
  • And lastly, my friends make me happy. Sharing in their joy and supporting them in sorrow – as I know they do with me too. Friendship makes me happy.

I am giving this to Anne from Anne’s 101 in 1001

and to new comer Lu from BloggeLu

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