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The number of times I have edited posts now – It’s INSANE!!

I can understand my typical typos. But what the *heck* happened with my Rittelfees post??? Looked like I got trigger-happy on the copy-paste. Fixed it now. Apologies to the people who attempted to read it. It should have less of a déjà vu feeling now. Apologies to the people who attempted to read it. It should have less of a déjà vu feeling now.

That’ll teach me NOT to first copy into notepad, and THEN paste *sigh*

Not to mention what wordpress does to my list! I have it all neat and tidy in Frontpage, so I can edit it quick-quick off line, save it, copy-paste like a pre-schooler and Bob’s your uncle. Even when I hit the Preview page button does it give me a nice list op 101 things and a few headings. But this is deceiving. Actually browse the list from the main site, and you have 12 mini lists all starting with 1. *head-desk to rest a bit*

In the meantime, please be patient as I re-murder my html code, manually type in the numbers *cries* and wonder why WP doesn’t recognise <ol start=”12″>


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Erik: “Hi. Is this Tracy?”
Tracy: “Yes. How can I help you?”
Erik: ”My name is Erik”
Tracy: “Yes….”
Erik: “I’m your parents’ broker. I deal with their life policies”
Tracy: ”…wha…”
Erik: “Happy Birthday!”
Tracy: “…”
Erik: “Hello, Tracy? Ar eyou there?”

Erik: “Your birthday is today right? Why did I scare you?”
Tracy: “Why ELSE would my parents’ broker phone me unless I’m a beneficiary to their policies and somehow they DIED without me knowing!?” Idiot.

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Tracy: I need a stamp with the company details on it. How do I get one?
Boss’s Personal Assistant: I’ll get one for you
***few weeks later***

Tracy: Did you get me stamp?
Boss’s Personal Assistant: Not yet, I’ll get one for you.
***few weeks later***

Tracy: Did my stamp arrive yet?
PA forwards to storeman: Did we get her stamp yet?
Storeman forwards to Procurement: Did we get her a stamp yet?
Procurement to Tracy: Draw us a picture. Did you draw us a picture? Draw us a picture. Kthxbye

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