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Ek klink al soos ‘n gekrapte cd – maar tyd vlieg net te vinnig deesdae.

Op die oomblik is my modem stuk-stuk-stukkend. En nie Henk of my foon wil na die internet conect as ek dié as modem probeer gebruik nie. Ek gaan nou maar van die werk af update, maar dit gaan party dae rof, dan is daar nie kans vir ‘n vinnige surf sessie nie.

Nouja, in ‘n neutedop, hier is ‘n paar gedagtes en bietjie nuus in ons lewe.

My poppi was 27 ste 11 maande oud – waar is my ou babatjie heen?? Ons beginne te tantrum en te slaan en leer watter bokkie oë smelt mamma se hart. Beslis om kleim madam se pinkie gedraai.

Voel effe in die diepkant hierso. Ons het besluit hierdie is die jaar dat ons huis koop – of sommer bou. Huur nou al 6 jaar lank, ek soek nou bietjie my eie plek. Maar o vet, net sodra ek dink ek hou van ‘n styl, dan sien ek weer in ‘n tydsrkif iets heeltemal anders, en ek moet my huis plan weer verander. Met ‘huisplan’ bedoel ek natuurlik die koffie bevlekte omkrul hoek bietjie baba bollie A4 lyntjies papier wat ek en lief al so baie ge-modify het, dat sy carbon voetprint nou twee sizes te groot is.

Ons het gisteraand ons aanbod ingesit vir ‘n erf wat ons van hou en waarvan (belangrikste) die prys reg is. Hopelik sal ons vandag weet of ons aanbod aanvaar word, en of ons bietjie moet bespreek oor die prys.

Hoop om binnekort weer ‘n update te maak – as ek dit op my foon kon doen, sal dit ook beter gaan né


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My reply to a good friend after she enquired how we were and if she can sell her boy to me.

And you think some sucker on the black market will be interested in your little talks-in-the-3rd-person-juice-slugging-snot-picking-not-quite-toddler? Try Gumtree babe. They sell ANYTHING. And I know a guy who works at the credit department of ebay, he’s got a big stick to knock your knees in – just in case you forget what easy-payment-plan means.

Amelia is angel during day – when she’s not puking. At night her little bat wings sprout and she manages to hit a high C that melts the cheese-wax in my ears. My left ear sounds out of tune this morning – like it’s getting static and trying to pick up short-wave.
Realised that the evil that is the purple dinosaur is TRUELY evil. It’s the only song that will calm her down. How does she know this!!?? I didn’t play it to her when in womb- she got a lesson in 70’s 80’s rock 90’s alternative. No “hyuk hyuk, I’ll be your friend. come hug me” crap.

So went to the doc this morning -and lo and behold, we get to use another antibiotic. *shock shock horror horror* also got some dissolving tablet that thins the gunk so she can swallow/spit/play with it. Other than that, am to continue what I’m already doing – which isn’t working much – because she’s too little to do anything else. Well, that’s what it sounded like to me.
Will see this afternoon if she’s any better. But day mom is under strict instruction to phone if she gets too much to handle – then Amelia can torture me at home… alone.

Please God let this not be teeth, ’cause then we’re in for a silly ride.

*accepts kisses and panda hug*

*rummages in purse for emergency hug to send back* do you take  cheques?

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The vests I got for Amelia were so boring. I decided to jazz them up a bit. Googled some baby-type pics and painted them with fabric paint. Also I need to do something for myself for a bit during the day – baby tends to take over EVERYTHING. Still loving motherhood!

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Amazing. I found a professional photographer in Vredendal! That came out wrong. Obviously there had to be at least one here locally, ’cause there are weddings here and such… but the thought never occurred to me to ask if they do baby photos too.

While in Vredendal hospital with Amelia for her jaundice, I met this cute girly (woman actually) who wants to be a professional model, she told me that the lady who took her port folio photos does babies too. So I went to see her today. She works at a pharmacy in the photo development section – shouldn’t be surprised there.
She charges R300: 100 best digital photos on CD with custom cover; 30 prints that can be digitally enhanced and altered with filters (e.g., sepia, black and white, coloured in; adding borders etc); Album to put photos in; she can come to your house; she has all types of props like fairy wings and Santa hats.
I am ECSTATIC!!! I’ve really wanted to have professional photos done with Amelia. But I thought that we’ll only be able to have it done in Cape Town at a studio. And that would be quite a mission and a half with feeds. This lady is willing to come to our home; this is so great!! Going to discuss it with Henk tonight and then book the date (hopefully) tomorrow.

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What a mission!!

Goodness! What a mission to upload pics to Amelia’s blog. The fields that you edit in the image uploader confused me – turns out that the readers can’t view the image descriptions; only the captions. Trying to figure that out now.

Of course, the Virgo in me designed a nomenclature for Amelia’s pics. And they’re all being filed, re-filed, archived and backed up on triplicate. *sigh* Just don’t want to miss anything, you know what I mean?

Anyhoo, yesterday was a huge milestone for Amelia and me: I had to fetch my maid and of course Lili had to come with. (Took longer to get her in the car-seat and get the car-seat loaded than it did actually fetching Louise 😉 )I drove at a steady 20km/h, maybe reaching 40km/h on the downhill. lol. Hopefully will go better next week when we go to the baby clinic in Vredendal to have her weighed.

Henk is working loooong hours. It’s bugging me a bit, but it’s probably not that bad – the money is good and he’s happy. Just seeing very little of him ’cause I go to bed early these days. I’m still rooming in Amelia’s nursery. Henk has a vicious cold and I really don’t want to catch it – so I stick to pecking him on the forehead.

Trying to work out a sleep schedule for me – it’s hectic né, the lack of. So I sleep anywhere from 10pm to 8am with feeds in between. Been working for 2 days now. I’ll see if we can keep it up.

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Baby has arrived !!!

Gosh, I’m late with this post.
Anyhoo, a lot has happened but here is the most imnportant bit:

On 27 August at 8:00 (exactly) Amelia Elizabeth Myburgh was born via caesarian section; weighing 3.495kg and 50cm long.

Just born – ok, so she’s cleaned up a bit and wrapped in a towel 😉 The actual birth pic is a bit graphic.

Click to see more pics

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This is it. It’s finally sinking in – There’s NO turning back now. Baby is coming and there’s nothing I can do about it. If I was ever in denial, that time has passed.

Also, now realization dawns on how much I still have to do to get ready for baby. And then the anxiety creeps up again.
The major one is: Will she still be a girl? I’ve heard of a few moms who had prepared for a girl, because the sonar said so, and they were pleasantly(?) surprised at the extra umbilical cord.
Other major ones: Will I do stuff right? This question covers everything form feeding, burping, changing nappy, even dressing baby. <shudders>

I’m officially at home now. Maternity leave should have only started on 1 September. I was going to be tough and work as long as possible so that I have longer time with baby. I got a wakeup call on Friday 1 August. Blood pressure is high – so my doc puts me on meds. My blood pressure stays high and there’s trace protein in my urine. Next thing I know, she’s waving a sick note under my nose and telling instructing me to go home immediately and just to come in daily to have bp monitored. The sick note reads pre-eclampsia. I had to dust off my old text books just to jar my memory on what this means. Hurrah for the wikki. ‘Cause my textbooks are very technical and impersonal.

I’m seeing my gynae in Cape Town on Monday. She’s going to give me a shot (something with a C) that’ll help mature baby’s lungs faster. She’s probably going to sort-of confirm my C-sec date. I’m hoping for it to be as close to 38 weeks as possible. This means that babs will be an August baby! Also, I’m not taking any chances and am packing my bags for a week’s visit in stead of just an overnight bag. I’m also taking baby’s hospital bag and the car seat and toiletries and nappies and blankies and other baby stuff – just in case.

Ja, this means a change of mindset for me. I so badly wanted a natural birth with as little intervention as possible. That dream has flown out the window. I’m really trying to be excited about the c-sec. I’m just focussing on the fact that I’ll have baby in my arms earlier than planned.

In the meantime, someone still has to do the laundry.

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