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It was a week for firsts regarding Postcrossing.Firstly, I actually have a ranking! It may be the lowerst one (cause I’ve been neglecting this hobby for a few months – but I’m right back in it!). . Then I got my first ever hand-made card (below) from Taiwan; and lastly I got my first ever card in stead of postcard – and I love it cause it has a mermaid on it (waa-ay below).

TW-146048 From Taiwan

From Taiwan. The from tof the card means Spring. She writes when it is Taiwan New Year they paste theseup as √ßouplets’, then the meaning is ‘The whole year’s work depends on a good start in Spring.’ Lovely isn’t it!

BY-59884 - from Belarus

My first card from Belarus!

The card shows some typical landscapes and the sanctuary of Budslav, one of the most well-know Catholic pilgrimage places of Belarus.

RU-150386 From Russia

My scanner doesn’t do this card justice – it has all these lovely sparkles on.

I prefer not receiveing cards as such, but this one makes up for it cause it”s a mermaid. I love mermaids. When I was a little girl I wanted to be one (or have one as a friend). I used to doodle them in margins too ūüėČ

Irina writes that she lives in Siberia – and reassures me that polar bears don’t roam their streets, and they don’t drink vodka every day. {I know exactly what she means – sometimes I still have to explain that we don’t have lion in the backyard, and tigers aren’t naturally from Africa anyway… oh, and we have internet too}

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