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Last on my MUST-do list regarding beading was a blue/aqua gift. I made a key chain too cause I had the clasp and you can hook it to whatever.
{The Eiffel Tower is there cause it’s sort of a private joke; see we have a town called Parys, that’s Afrikaans for Paris. So it’s not such a biggie when you say that you are shopping in Paris 😉 }

I love the hand made charm and got a whole bunch of them. There’s supposed to be a coffee cup there too, but with so many doodahs, it’s probably hiding behind some. I added 2 ribbons this time  – I like adding it as it seems to soften the whole metal look.

I’ll try and get this mailed over the weekend. Hope my friend likes it!

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#50 Blog everyday for a month, attempt this November for extra brownie points – NaBloPoMo

And also Up for it Challenge #5!
How fun was that! But honestly, I’m a bit drained now. Not that I had posted world-changing literature or anything, but the nagging little reminder in my mind that ‘I still have to post something today for NaBloPoMo’ can finally be shot, buried, dug up, cremated, blended, brewed, drunk, and excreted down the loo. Then again I’m so in the habit now of posting daily, I might post twice daily – who knows!

But I won’t feel obligated to post every-single-day anymore.

That said, it was still fun. I tried to find some topics or events to babble on about. And of course one more item scratched off of my 101 list!

P.S. I know in the one comment I said I will write about a specific topic for my second to last post – I’m postponing it to a later date so I can number crunch.

P.P.S If this post seems a bit negative or like a downer  – I’m having a crappy day at work. Will try harder!

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