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It’s been a while since I have officially updated what’s happening at the building site.

It’s amazing how fast people can build. The only reason it’s taking a bit longer is cause there are other factors delaying delivery of some materials and now our house is sort of in limbo.

But let’s play catch-up quick quick.

The foundation got dug earlier cause the builder had a gap where he was waiting on bricks from our local brickworks Namakwa Stene. [We’re also using these bricks – more on that later. ] The looked really small – I mean, really small. I know it’s an illusion, but still. On a positive note, our garden looks bigger than we expected. Maybe when the house is roof-height we’ll differently, but the garden is bigger than a postage stamp – yay!

After about a month, the contractor had finished his other job and tackled our house – I mentioned I forgot to mention that he prefers to work in one town at a time. I think the plinth is simply gorgeous. I love these bricks. AND they are cheap, cause there is very little transport involved. We’re using Namakwa Stene’s range of clay bricks for the whole house – focus wall and all. Although I would have preferred to have the red clay ‘ugly’ bricks as my focus wall, and not the decorative bricks – but that’s another can of worms I decided not to open.

I met with the builder one afternoon – he came to my workplace – and I showed him … dun dun DUN…  The Book. This book is where I pasted all my ideas for the house. And then it decided to rain inside our current house (the geyser sprung a leak RIGHT above where my pc stands – I still cringe when I think of walking in on indoor rain that steamed up the windows) and The Book got wet. The pages dried ok’ish, but some of them stuck together, so now it looks more like a toddler attempt at spoeg-en-plak. Needless, it seems like he has worked with women before.

I’ve called him a few times since then to discuss ideas. Sounds like this man is also doubling up as my interior designer – or at least my soundboard. I’ll give him my idea and he says if he can make it work. And he’s honest about costs too. He’ll tell me what option is the more expensive one – it’s usually the one I have my heart set on anyway.

He gave me some brochures the other day to look at tans and san. Apparently he can get a good price if I choose there. But tap-wise, there isn’t anything that REALLY catches my eye. Still trying to convince Henk to got with a range I saw at Bathroom Bizarre, but we can get it for a lot less from Builder’s Warehouse. (we need to fit in another Cape Town trip)

(almost up to date)

We’ve changed our minds about the bathroom twice now. They are small. The inside walls are high enough that you can get a sense of the house, and they are tiny. And I asked him to build extra shelves in the shower wall too. NOW the shower are even smaller. Or they feel smaller. But size, too, is sometimes only an illusion. Henk and I saw a way to make it appear bigger. We’re going to use a half-wall with a glass panel on top to give it height, and then still a glass pivot door. Think Henk still has to talk to the contractor to see if he can make it work.

They haven’t started with the braai area yet – and I KNOW Henk has changed his mind on the size and spot for it. Will have to see if we can alter it a bit.

Way at the beginning I was a bit vague with the ‘house in limbo’ part. Specifically, we are waiting for our windows. We had settled for steel ones, but heard from a few people what bad quality our local shops are supplying. So we decided on wooden ones – although I’m dreading the maintenance. And then a funny thing happened. Somehow Henk mentioned our windows to a guy who builds aluminium windows here and he says that really, they are not THAT expensive. Wooden ones a about the same price. Think about it: Wooden frames don’t have glass in yet – you still have to buy that separately. But aluminium windows already have the glass installed. *bing* the light goes on, and now we are waiting for our windows. Apparently they are arriving tomorrow.

Also would have helped if the bank had done the first payment on time. Standard bank assured Henk that all the paperwork was in order – few days later they phoned to say that they need some original wat-wat-wat. So we didn’t have the money ready to buy the windows – and THAT is why the house is sort of not quite on track. Will check out tomorrow how it looks like so far.

That’s it – now you are up to speed, and I’ll do my bestest to update more regularly on our house – and I need to upload the accompanying pics.

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