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Wishful Drinking

I seriously hate writing book reviews. Always have, since we had to write them up in school. Mind you, the only format I liked was the one our Std 3 teacher used (that’s now Grade 5): we had to answer what happens in chaper 4 and chapter 9 of the book we were reviewing. So you had to make sure it actually had that many chapters… maybe chapter 6 insted of 9 – can’t remember – it happened some time last century.

So, Wishful Drinking – by Carrie Fisher. I can’t say that I completely hated it – I’m just grateful that it ended when it did. I found the jokes recycled, the tone too much like a script re-written (gues that’s probably cause it IS written from her actual show of the same title) and I didn’t know who half the people were that she mentioned, bar Paul Simon, Debbie Reynolds, Liz Taylor and Steven Spielberg. And if I really cared or enjoyed the book, I might have googled them – but I didn’t so I… didn’t.

The one emotion I did experience throughout the whole book was pity. She writes that this is basically not a ‘woe is me pity party’ book; but I could not help NOT sympathising with her sad-sad situation (isn’t that a song). The thing that struck and upset me the most is that she had undergone electroshock therapy… and lost a whole chunk of her memory in the process. I think it’s the saddest thing to happen at age 52 – loose all your memories, no matter how bad they were. Those experiences mould us into what we are and who we become. Now halfway through your “so-called adult life” you have to make new ones. And even borrow other people’s memories to remember your own past.

Still, why did I read the book? Cause it was on my list, and I liked the cover. Also when I was 6 years old I wanted hair JUST like princess Leia!

Ok, ok. 1 piece of positive criticism: I like the ending. There, I said it. I liked that she reveals the REAL reason she did drugs and alcohol… and yes, I know it’s meant as a joke. Right? I mean really, right?

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