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#76 Have annual Christmas photo shoot with Henk and Amelia (1/3) Completed!

I think we all can say that money is tight this year. And with Henk working every single Saturday, and my schedule when on call being quite unpredictable thus un-plan-able, I decided to have us do DIY Christmas pics this year.

I fished out a white sheet that sometimes doubles as a tablecloth – my sheets aren’t white, every colour except white ok. I had Amelia’s little outfit planned, was still head scratching over what I was going to wear and whether to buy a few Santa hats from a street vendor.

But sometimes spontaneous is best. A few Sundays ago, that afternoon we drove to a friends’ two towns away for coffee. Lush grass and large old trees surround their house. The day was warm, but not hot, the cool breeze mild and refreshing. Picture perfect and idyllic. Amelia was hobbling around chasing some chickens while we lounged and caught up with chitchat.

There and then I told our friend to take our Christmas pictures, there under that tree, facing that way.

I am so chuffed with the results. We had a few bloopers as expected: Amelia wondering off after a stray chicken; A dog tried to steal some screen time; no-one looking in the same direction etc. but it wasn’t long before we got the money shot.

Merry Festive Season Everybody!

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