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“… There are no snakes, no dogs and no dinosaurs.”

Hands up everyone who was surprised to see Cleo in the Top 3? Be honest now. Even SHE was caught off guard. And what a Finale hey. Yoh!!

From the get-go George entertained the socks off me. He brought a whole new level to his beatboxing – 5 different sounds at the same time!! He was my favourite to win, and got a well-deserved second place.

But Darren blew us all away with his moves. I don’t know what you call it, but he did it. He even checked his infinity self out behind him and made a little joke about it. And did I detect some suppressed emotion in his translator’s voice? Congratulations Darren! You deserve that R250,000 prize.

Ai Louwtjie. I SO wanted you to be in the top 3. You got some great exposure and I’m sure the scouts spotted you. Did you have something like a rubber thimble on your finger, or… never mind.

Willem and Louis gave me goose bumps! Tried to sing along, but I would have ruined it for Henk next to me.

Wonder boy Kaylon should definitely audition for So You Think You Can Dance when he’s old enough. I loved the Mango Groove music, ‘cause everyone is a special star.

Last act on was Cleo Filander. I can honestly say that I didn’t recognise last night’s song. Judging by the tears in Ian’s eyes she did it justice.

Do you think the contestants get Lunchbar hampers?

In the end, the best act won. All the best for your plan Darren!

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