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Early morning on our way to Cape Town.

Tracy: “I need coffee.”
Henk: “You have to get decaf”
Tracy: “But I want espresso. Do you think you can get that in decaf?”
Henk: “That’s like wanting dry water.”


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To all the mommies, grannies and even great-great-grannies, may you have a fabulous day.
How are you celebrating it? Did you get breakfast in bed with weak coffee, burnt toast and a sticky card? Are you going out to lunch with the family and making a day of it? Or is it just another day on the calendar and holds no sentimental value to you.

I remember waking up early’ish to take my mom breakfast in bed. The older I got, the later I got up, so that I had to shoo her back to bed. Of course that’s where it ended and Mom still had to make Sunday lunch 😉

This year I am a mother. Also I got the dates wrong and thought it was last Sunday, so I had hoped that Henk would remember. He didn’t. Serves me right for marrying an unsentimental cave man. Henk left at dawn for Citrusdal to check out a bike that he wants to buy. Note that dawn over here on the West Coast is around 7am.

Before you ask, I couldn’t join him (he did ask yesterday though) because I’m on call at the lab.

I sent sms’s to my mom and mom-in-law. Then stewed in my own despair and shared the ‘woe is me’ feeling with a dear friend on mxit. An aunt sent me a Mother’s Day wish and my maid phoned with well wishes too. That’s when I loaded Amelia in the car and headed for Spar before the early church goer’s rush. I’ll make my own Mother’s Day breakfast. Got me some freshly baked bread, black mushrooms and bacon.

I fried up all my favourites: bacon, runny egg, mushrooms, banana, and avo on toast. Amelia had to do with some cereal and fruit.

So to all you mom’s who choose not to celebrate the day (or tell yourselves that to feel better because the important people in your life forgot), I raise my coffee mug to you and say: “Happy Mother’s Day!!

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