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So I found a lady who does antenatal classes in Vredendal! I’m really excited. I thought that I would miss out on that experience because we live on the platteland.
Mind you, the price is also from the platteland. I read on a forum that some classes are between R600 and R800, then it varies between 6 to 8 classes.
Mine are for 7 days at R450, and reclaimable from medical aid! That’s all I want to hear nowadays, that I can claim something from my medical aid. The closer my due date gets, the more expensive this little miracle gets. Lol. She has started with a class already, but are taking a 2 week break ‘cause one of the mommy’s is on leave. There are only 2 women in the class. So she’s seeing me solo tonight and next Tuesday, then next Thursday I will be joining wit the other two and we’ll be 3 in the class… and 1 daddy. Henk won’t be able to make it though, since it starts at 17:30, and he only gets off work then anyways.

Oh ja, I found this great forum for mothers of all types and ages. From planning your pregnancy right through to the tweens. I’m mostly in the pregnancy general threads. Also, the forum is pretty big. You can ask any question, and I can almost guarantee that you’ll get an answer within the hour; And quite a few answers by the next day.
I’m so used to lurking American forums that I don’t expect immediate response, but I am enjoying the Mommy forum. I also find that a lot of women are asking the same questions as me, or are experiencing exactly what I am, or had been through a few months back. It gives a great sense of support.

This weekend I heard that My Chemical Romance are coming to South Africa. They will be playing at the 2009 CokeFest. I am seeking a baby sitter already. I want Golden Circle tickets. I will use coupons for the next 20 years just so I can save enough money for that concert. Enough said. I’ll be there. Even if baby has to be in a papoose (kangaroo pouch thingy) around my shoulders with earplugs – I will be there.

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