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It’s Post It Note Tuesday again with SupahMommy!

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Greenish, limp and a little runny.
I’m ill at home in bed. It’s either a very bad cold or weak flu. I vote the latter.

Planning to hit 2 birds tomorrow: going to work on my Secret Santa gift and it’ll be on of my list items too! Hope I can find cheap strawberries at Up-to-Date. Wonder what I’ll get from my Secret Santa?

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My reply to a good friend after she enquired how we were and if she can sell her boy to me.

And you think some sucker on the black market will be interested in your little talks-in-the-3rd-person-juice-slugging-snot-picking-not-quite-toddler? Try Gumtree babe. They sell ANYTHING. And I know a guy who works at the credit department of ebay, he’s got a big stick to knock your knees in – just in case you forget what easy-payment-plan means.

Amelia is angel during day – when she’s not puking. At night her little bat wings sprout and she manages to hit a high C that melts the cheese-wax in my ears. My left ear sounds out of tune this morning – like it’s getting static and trying to pick up short-wave.
Realised that the evil that is the purple dinosaur is TRUELY evil. It’s the only song that will calm her down. How does she know this!!?? I didn’t play it to her when in womb- she got a lesson in 70’s 80’s rock 90’s alternative. No “hyuk hyuk, I’ll be your friend. come hug me” crap.

So went to the doc this morning -and lo and behold, we get to use another antibiotic. *shock shock horror horror* also got some dissolving tablet that thins the gunk so she can swallow/spit/play with it. Other than that, am to continue what I’m already doing – which isn’t working much – because she’s too little to do anything else. Well, that’s what it sounded like to me.
Will see this afternoon if she’s any better. But day mom is under strict instruction to phone if she gets too much to handle – then Amelia can torture me at home… alone.

Please God let this not be teeth, ’cause then we’re in for a silly ride.

*accepts kisses and panda hug*

*rummages in purse for emergency hug to send back* do you take  cheques?

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In a situation where I can only drink panado and vitamins, you, Echinacea, are my new ambrosia… my new lavender.
Started with a sore throat a week ago. Henk was just getting over his cold, my mom had the flu with bronchitis, my mom-in-law had infection of her plura (? pluritis). Dad-in-law also had a cold. There was no way I wanted that nasty virus. Mostly because I didn’t want to give it to Amelia, and I just didn’t want to be ill with a new baby.

So I started putting Echinacea drops in my tea and jungle juice. My cold stayed at just a sore throat. Today I feel better than all the other days. No sore throat. I’m still dosing up on those drops though.

So thank you to the herbalist, hippies, homeopaths and Native Americans for studying and trusting and (what would eventually lead to) bottling this magic plant.

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