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Our main problem here on the platteland is that there are so few caches in our area. Seriously, only 4 within 50km radius of which 1 is now disabled. The only way to get more caches is to spread the word and hide some of our own.

So I’ve been planning and buying and scouting and finally we decided to hide one close to Meulsteenberg, since it’s within in driving distance if it needs maintenance. It’s on the N7 that is the main route to (eventually) Namibia and thus a lot of tourists will pass it – meaning some geocachers will too.

We visited the farm last Sunday to drop Amelia off at her grandparents. Quick detour to crazy store en route for me to get some pens; ended up getting pencils cause the pens were just too expensive. And not just regular pencils; those ones with the many tips that you put the blunt one at the back and a sharp one pushes forward. A pink one at that; I think. Could be an orange one – definitely maybe orange. Plan was to hide the new cache on the way home. I laminated the little caching blurb with contact, got the loot ready and tested the lid of my container – plastic lunch box. That’s when I realized that I didn’t get a log book. Boer maak ‘n plan and I costructed a makeshift one from an old notebook.

I had planned to hide it by the only trees you will get for 100km, but the site was filthy. Truckers were using the ruins on an old shack as a toilet (and who knows what else) The little picnic area is in dire need of paint and a good scrub. And there will be a high chance of muggle looting. So Henk suggested we drive on a bit. Maybe we will find a better place – and we did. Closer to Bitterfontein than Garies. On a slight hill where you can get a good view of the area, and you can see Meulsteenberg from up there. Henk scrambled to the hidey place (I was wearing sandals for some non practical reason) while I found the easier route and took down waypoints. Henk also took the most craptastic picture in the history of cell phone pics. I only saw this when we got home though. * sigh*

You can see Meulsteenberg!

Back home I submitted the new cache, edited it what feels like 20 times. And then the wait began. Monday morning quick sticks it was approved and I got some links from the moderator with tips to caching in Africa. After reading the guidelines I feel that our attempt could have been better. I could have done a bit extra moeite with the cache. Let’s call it a learning curve. (There is no English word for moeite… and trouble just doesn’t cut it). I added some info about a special little succulent (plant) that grows ONLY on that berg; and it is thus named C.bilobum ssp.gracilistylum SB.784 Meulsteenberg.

So here it is, our first cache You can see Meulsteenberg!

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