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Cannot believe I did it, but ja, I actually managed to control my dishydrosis. Not cure it, by all means, don’t think there is a cure per se. But controlling it has made life easier to say the least. And if I see the tell tale signs of a looming breakout, I act quickly and effectively. Fatty Ointment is my best friend and now I need to find a pharmacy that will dispense it with out a script. Think it’s time I asked my dad for his opinion – he is a pharmacist after all.

The DOVE soap made all the difference. I’m using it at work for lab hygiene, I use it at home for personal hygiene; I even bath Amelia with it (her eczema is better too fyi). Now there are only 2 culprits: shampoo and dishwashing liquid.
I wash my hair every second day so it’s manageable and contact is limited. I try and use my left hand as much as possible. But there is no way I am changing my hair care products 😉

The other culprit is doing dishes. Dishwashing liquid is a female-dog to put it nicely. I have considered using the green sunlight bar soap, but ordinary bars also cause a reaction, just less severe than liquid soap. My only escape out of doing dishes (except having someone else do it) is to get a dishwasher. I’ve never had one and the homemaker in me sees it as a luxury item, not a necessity like a fridge or stove. But I am shifting the paradigm and planning to make it my first purchase on my new credit card – the red bank can kiss me goodbye, they have lost a long time client due to bad service and incompetent staff. Last straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak.

Now to check the Xmas specials pages (we don’t have a Black Friday) and choose a model.

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Dyshidrosis and variastions on spelling – but this is how Wiki spells i, but I have found published works that also spell it dishydrosis.

Warning. TMI (too much information) to follow
Like the Nac Mac Feegle, I believe in the power of words, and thus also the power of names.


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