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We have actually moved in! Monday was the big day (29-11-2010). And we’re still living out of boxes and suitcases.
The house isn’t done yet you see.

First the kitchen was just a fridge and a shell. By Monday evening we at least had a sink. Still no storage in the kitchen though.

I never realised how much junk i have in there! Let me put it in perspective: it took 4 women 3 hours to pack it on Friday. The rest of the house took another 3 hours.

Back to what’s still missing. On Monday our en suite was still out of order, at least the guest bathroom was done. But the contractor gave the wrong dimensions to the lumber supplier, so now the sink cupboard doors don’t fit. He says it’s so we can see what’s inside without having to open it. He was kidding.  The front stoep was still missing it’s roof.

But most of that has been completed now. Lili was the First to swim in my tub. Last might Henk could use the gas stove. I’ll break in the oven this weekend. Just waiting for the last of the kitchen drawers. See, in stead of cupboards at ground level, it’s all drawers so that I can reach all the stuff in the back.

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…and they haven’t phoned me yet to say what’s wrong!

Well I can tell you what’s wrong, but I can’t tell you what’s WRONG wrong. Kwim.

It’s acting all super sensitive. When I plug in a flashdrive it freezes. When I accidently nudge it with my foot it freezes. I ask it to make me a cup of coffee it freezes.

But that’s not all. I can’t log into gmail. At all. I can’t log into wordpress, not postcrossing, not mommy, nothing. Anywhere I have to type in a username and password it tells me the site doesn’t exists. So I’m thinking it’s the flu. Has to be. It’s all clogged up, just lays there and flips me off… ok I flip IT off.

And the last straw: it refuses to recognise Lili’s Easy Comfy Keyboard.

SO this morning I dropped the tower, keyboard, driver and some tinkies off – hopefully it won’t cost me an arm or a leg.

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The number of times I have edited posts now – It’s INSANE!!

I can understand my typical typos. But what the *heck* happened with my Rittelfees post??? Looked like I got trigger-happy on the copy-paste. Fixed it now. Apologies to the people who attempted to read it. It should have less of a déjà vu feeling now. Apologies to the people who attempted to read it. It should have less of a déjà vu feeling now.

That’ll teach me NOT to first copy into notepad, and THEN paste *sigh*

Not to mention what wordpress does to my list! I have it all neat and tidy in Frontpage, so I can edit it quick-quick off line, save it, copy-paste like a pre-schooler and Bob’s your uncle. Even when I hit the Preview page button does it give me a nice list op 101 things and a few headings. But this is deceiving. Actually browse the list from the main site, and you have 12 mini lists all starting with 1. *head-desk to rest a bit*

In the meantime, please be patient as I re-murder my html code, manually type in the numbers *cries* and wonder why WP doesn’t recognise <ol start=”12″>


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