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My non-pregnant, engaged, semi-yuppie (love ya!), corporate, fashion guru friend told me that I was suffering from Preggy-Brain. This is a clinically proven medical condition. (Since when is toothpaste clinically proven? Should my tampons also be? What about my steak? Heck, prove the petrol too why don’t you). Due to the surplus in hormones during pregnancy. I’ll also experience pimple breakouts… again. It’s like being 14 again. The PMS/T is worse, my cravings are worse, my zits bigger. Although I am looking forward to an increase in breast size. I know Henk is too. 😉

So I’m in my 9th week of pregnancy. Here’s baby’s first photo – smile honey!


Ja, so , Preggy-Brain. I was hoping not to be the typical expecting mother, since I’m not the typical wife and wasn’t the typical bride etc. Too bad. Nature decided to follow the textbook this time round. I don’t mind in general, except for today. I forgot my food at home. Not just breakfast or lunch or my yogi. My whole food supply for the day: Breakfast, snack, Lunch, snack, and emergency cream crackers. Dalene came to the rescue! She is so good to me. She drove home and made me a sarmie and brought some grapes too. My house is a bit further (try the next town) and also finances are a bit low this month for me (try non-existent). My medical aid was deducted TWICE and I’m still on the phone with the man. So extra trips home for my left-over pasta-mince-and-peas do not count as an emergency. At least Henk doesn’t have to worry about lunch now.

Another Preggy-Brain thing. My fingers have gone all stupid on me. I used to be pretty good at typing; not in the classical sense of having had classes, but in the everyday sense that you pick up from working at a computer most of your day. The typos that I make nowadays are insane. I’m too embarrassed to chat on to msn ‘cause there’s no proof-reader.

Have you mothers noticed how your brain spontaneously shuts down? Yes, the smell sense is super but my memory is kapoot. I forget words, people’s names, place names, which town I live in. And that was before Henk knocked me up. Now, I’m just happy I can find my car in the mornings. Heck, I’m happy if I can remember what day it is and not rush off to the lab on a Sunday morning.

Naw, it’s not all that bad. I’m reading this great book: the Best Friends’ Guide to Pregnancy. It makes me laugh, cry and go hmmmm, that explains a lot…

Stay tuned for more neurotic ramblings.

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