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Tracy: “…and I really want a Twista Choppa Pro, but not for Christmas. It can chop and whip – it has 2 attachments”

Henk: “But you have one.”

Tracy: “No, I have a Braun multi mix”

Henk: “Ja, so why do you want a Twista Choppa Pro?

Tracy: “For the same reason I want garden solar lights,  and haven’t complained about juicing lemons by hand – it doesn’t use electricity!”

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Eish!! Completely forgot its Earthhour tonight.

Basically you pledge to take a stand against global warning, by switching off lights at 8:30pm for an hour. Light candles, show your kids shadowpictures on the wall; get romantic; gaze at the moon and stars; or sit around a bonfire – like we’re gonna do.

What will you do?

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