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This is what happens when you neglect your 101 list. You miss a Goal Achieved.

Lili’s 2nd birthday was end of August and I didn’t bake her a cake. Nope. I baked 2 cakes. And make a plethora of goodie bags of nyummy treats for the kids and some adults.

For pics of all the cavity-induced-sweetness click here.

I tried making a marble cake – but I think my batter was a bit too stiff. Instead of pretty pink marble, there was a pink chunk in the middle. I put 100’s and 1000’s in the butter sponge batter,;all the more colourful you see.

I love printable icing sugar (also used it with her First birthday) so I designed the pic to go onto the cake. I went with rainbows and Butterflies. She calls them ‘Lapper‘ as in skoenlapper. She knew that it was her birtday cake, although I’m still not sure she knows what a birthday is 😉 . She calls cupcakes Party Koekies.

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OK. So I didn’t count every single tweet. But on average I think I managed it.

Reason I had this on my list was to break away from the *yawn* triage of FB. I honestly believe that twitter is what FB set out to be (but got lost and tangled in all the games, likes, groups etc). I love twitter. I love how TT works. I love how some words have been banned so that it doesn’t become a TT… and how fans work around it. Jonas vs. J♥nas.

Also, I’ve been neglecting my 101 list… again. I have a theory for this too. See, the fist umpteen goals I achieved real quick were, of course, easy AND stuff that I actually had planned on doing anyway – some time or another. So I am taking another look at my list. I will add and subtract as I feel some of my focus has shifted. An example: I’m not playing PC games nearly as much as I used to. And I’m OK with that. I have so many other hobbies now that I love – sort of like I found my niche. Or another niche.. you know… for the other hand to hold onto. So sometime in the near future I will be changing my list a bit – I’ll add that to the list, ‘changing it’.

Anyhow. Yay! Another goal achieved. And I’m following some crazy funny people – you should try it.

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So chuffed with myself; I made Lili a felt kabouter hat. I couldn’t find a pattern I liked on the internet. Also, the only felt I could get in town was pre-cut squares. Of course, I use the term square very loosely; none of the sides were the same length and none of the squares matched – basically had to use the smallest for the common denominator.
No matter how I placed the pieces, I knew I had to use 2 squares and sew them together. I wanted a tall pointy hat that will flop down, but the squares were too short. I made another plan. The design itself will have a curly point… with a bell on. And the brim will be in a different fabric, folded back and be all zig-zaggy like a real elf/pixie/kabouter hat.

Here’s how I made it:

You Need:

  • Enough felt (I used 2 x pieces, roughly 22cm x 25cm) in colour of your choice
  • Extra piece of fabric for the brim
  • Silver bell
  • Needle and thread in matching colour
  • Pins
  • Paper and pencil for design
  • Scissors for paper and for cloth


I played around with some shapes and settled on one I liked. Then cut out the shape.

Pin your pattern to the felt and cut out 2 shapes.

With right sides facing *snicker* sew all along the edges of the hat, but not the brim (where the head goes). I used double thread and sewed by hand; so I managed to sew relatively close to the edge, and I think the curl would have been too tricky for my sewing machine (at least for the monkey working it).

Carefully turn it out and check for holes. Use a pencil to gently shape the curly bit.

Here’s where I hit a snag and nearly RUINED the hat. I couldn’t figure out how I was going to attach the brim. Sewing isn’t my forte. But I figured it out.
Turning the hat back inside out (but I left the curl as it was, just don’t crease it too hard) measure and pin the brim to the hat – you’re going to have to look at the image above to see how I mean what I’m going to explain next: Place the cut edge (that’s not going to be the zig-zag part ) of the brim fabric along the edge of the hat that is still open – right sides facing – all around the hat.
Sew this edge together (Might be common sense to some, but I’m new to this – I aligned the seam of the brim fabric and the back seam of the hat)

Turn the hat right side out, fold the brim up, and press lightly using a damp cloth.

Sew the bell on the tip of the hat.

I thought the metallic fabric might fray if I cut it too soon, so I waited until the night before to cut the zig-zag shapes. I was too lazy didn’t want to go through all the effort pressed for time to hem the zig-zag pattern, but the fabric held it’s shape and didn’t fray at all!

Parties I link to

Alternate title:

#34 –  Sew 3 items for Amelia (3/3) Completed!

Huzzah! Another goal achived. I really enjoyed sewing things for Amelia. It’s not THAT hard. And with a whole wide web full of a gazillion ideas – I can’t help not being inspired to get busy.

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No wait, don’t jump the gun. I’m not pregnant… yet. My goal is that we should  try for baby number 2. Henk and I decided that it’s a good time to start.

So I started another blog to track our journey and (hopefully) the pregnancy. I decided to keep it seperate cause some of my updates might not be for the squeamish, and might not even make a lot of sense all the time. It’ll be more of a journal style.

Here’s the link if you care to follow our journey: Tracy and Henk TTC

I’m still working out the kinks, like the finding the right wordpress theme and organising widgets and sourcing (or making my own) custom header.

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Henk was getting annoyed with my stuff taking up all the space on the dining room table. My maid was getting annoyed. And eventually I was getting annoyed too.

I had a plan of where to have my little messy-crafty corner in our new house (that still needs building) but no solution for right now. Until last night. It finally hit me and I can’t believe I hadn’t thought about it before – oh yes, I know, we had a houseguest/lodger in the guest room – THAT’s why.

There is a small table in the guest room. There are a bunch of Henk’s magazines on it and my Art of Knitting subscription folders. Well, there WAS. They are now hidden and neatly stacked in the guest room closet.

This table has a history I tell you. Henk used it as a study desk while at tech. For a year or two it was our kitchen table. Then we moved into this HUGE house in Lutzville… that didn’t have a stove, so it became the gas hob table. The Lili came along (and we had moved again) and it became her changing table. I had even bought some clear vinyl or PVC or some plastic sheeting to tack to the table so bath-time won’t ruin it. Never got round to doing that, and somehow I misplaced that roll of PVC. Until last night. I fished it out from Lili’s closet where I saw it when sorting our and packing away her small clothes the other day. (Yes, we had move to another house by then… do you see a pattern forming? I swear if I connect the dots to all the places I’ve lived, it would mostly likely spell a very rude word in Swahili)

So I tacked (yes, with thumb tacks) the PVC to the table (yes, a solid pine table – I bent around 7 tacks before I got in the groove * snicker *). Moved (there’s that word again) all my crafty mess from the dining room into the guest room. All the while with Lili waving and yelling Bye every time I left the room to fetch more stuff. I have a lot of stuff.

Another light-bulb moment (I’m sure I had more than my share last night) and I fish out the supply of unprinted newspaper paper from under Lili’s bed (I got it so that I can custom make Christmas wrapping paper for the family; you know, get Lili to scrawl a bit, the cats to print some paw prints etc) and stuck it to the walls around my new crafty corner, just in case it gets too messy.

Ta-daaa! The shirt over the chair is my messy-mess-a-lot shirt. The plastic bags are for rubbish on the right, and still sorting out the contents of the one on the left. The pic came out really funny cause it was taken at night. It’s almost full on winter this side so I leave in the mornings and it’s almost dark, and I get home in the evenings and it’s almost dark.

Just a close-up of the table. Not room to move, but at least it’s not out in the living area anymore. Getting there!

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{full title should be}

#34  Sew 3 items for Amelia (2/3) – Completed! Crayon Roll!

A few weeks ago I stumbled onto Skip to My Lou, I surfed around and found this pattern for a crayon roll. I thought it would be a perfect item for Amelia!

When I finally found some material I tried looking for the site again – I don’t do bookmarks cause previous experience proved that I hardly go back to them. THEN I found this site… and a whole bunch of others with similar patterns. I liked the instructions from Chocolate on my Cranium more, since all the fabric is cut the same size.

What you need

This is where my problem started. I converted inches to cm – even my measuring tape only has centimeter marks; I remember my mom’s one being inches on the reverse.

{This is not a tutorial, as there are loads better ones; I’m just sharing the experience with bad-lighting pics}

I found some bright, fun prints at Naald in ‘n Hooimied and matching ribbon and thread.

My fav part - loading the bobbin

Now, I’m no seamstress. I can barely shorten my jeans with a decent hem – I’ve given up and just cut the cuffs off straight. But I LOVE loading  the bobbin, especially if the final colours don’t match. *squee* {lookie-loo Lili is hiding behind the thread}

Tester lappie

I always make a little practice lappie (cloth) so that I can get the tension right. I seriously suck at gauging the right tension on my sewing machine – hence the stuff-up first stitch.

sew it goes

So I measured everything in centimeters… but I changed it as well. Lili has these big fat crayons, so I changed the pocket size. And since she only has 9 ofthese big crayons, I shortened the roll a bit too.  In hindsight I probably shouldn’t have muddled at all.

It is sew ready

Had some trouble with the top stitching; so I sewed really slowly. This is where you can see what went wrong. It’s not an illusion, the roll is a bit on the small side. Just how small?

Giant crayons from Giant Land

Looks like I someone forgot to add seam allowance at one stage.

At least I have more material left so I can try again. But not this weekend. Maybe next month sometime. It was a good thing that the material shop has a 1/4 meter minimum policy.

Crayon Roll Version 1.0

Crayon Roll Version 1.2 coming soon

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Wishful Drinking

I seriously hate writing book reviews. Always have, since we had to write them up in school. Mind you, the only format I liked was the one our Std 3 teacher used (that’s now Grade 5): we had to answer what happens in chaper 4 and chapter 9 of the book we were reviewing. So you had to make sure it actually had that many chapters… maybe chapter 6 insted of 9 – can’t remember – it happened some time last century.

So, Wishful Drinking – by Carrie Fisher. I can’t say that I completely hated it – I’m just grateful that it ended when it did. I found the jokes recycled, the tone too much like a script re-written (gues that’s probably cause it IS written from her actual show of the same title) and I didn’t know who half the people were that she mentioned, bar Paul Simon, Debbie Reynolds, Liz Taylor and Steven Spielberg. And if I really cared or enjoyed the book, I might have googled them – but I didn’t so I… didn’t.

The one emotion I did experience throughout the whole book was pity. She writes that this is basically not a ‘woe is me pity party’ book; but I could not help NOT sympathising with her sad-sad situation (isn’t that a song). The thing that struck and upset me the most is that she had undergone electroshock therapy… and lost a whole chunk of her memory in the process. I think it’s the saddest thing to happen at age 52 – loose all your memories, no matter how bad they were. Those experiences mould us into what we are and who we become. Now halfway through your “so-called adult life” you have to make new ones. And even borrow other people’s memories to remember your own past.

Still, why did I read the book? Cause it was on my list, and I liked the cover. Also when I was 6 years old I wanted hair JUST like princess Leia!

Ok, ok. 1 piece of positive criticism: I like the ending. There, I said it. I liked that she reveals the REAL reason she did drugs and alcohol… and yes, I know it’s meant as a joke. Right? I mean really, right?

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