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Nearly missed posting about these chaches!

On Valentines Day we were on our way to Lambertsbaai to just chill on the beach, when Henk decided he wants to head inland and we should go check out the caches around Clanwilliam.
First up was Six Feet Under, better known as C. Louis Leipoldt’s grave. A bit macabre for a Sunday afternoon, but we went anyway.

Through the gate and we went up to the actual site. There are some faint rock art there as well. Amelia played around on tyhe stairs and I realised that OF COURSE this wasn’t where the cache would be hidden. Followed the blimp on my htc to the actual site. Again I pointed out the possible hiding place and Henk found it – so technically I found it ok!


Road to nowhere

It was real hot that day as well, deep 30’sC. The road was a super good condition, harly any potholes! We took what felt lioke a huge detour to get to the next cache. Passed a proper steer and some ostriches on the way.

The next cache was placed at the venue Bushman’s Cave. On the way in we passed the actual owner, Erik. We asked if we could go a-huntin there and he joined us. A few years ago we attended a show there and saw people walking up along the rocks and heard that there was rock art as well – but there were so many people we skipped exploring and rather enjoyed the music.

This time round we saw the art and had a good lookaround. I confused my left-right East-and-West. The watchman should have given us a clue. henk and I stumbled aournd all over the place. Eventually {Because it was getting hotter and Amelia was tired and I was her only shade} Erik sort of pointed in the general direction – And we found it! I think I need a I suck at geocahing coin. We didn’t have any swag to swap; but Erik hopped down those stairs and got us a plastic knife and fork to put it, lol. Found a coin as well – well, at least a replica of a coin.

Bonus was the view up there is breathtaking.

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