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And I’ve really run out of backup drafts. I blame my eagerness during the first week when I would double post. But take a look at that calendar! Every single day has an entry. There are no black days before the 15th. All blue. Quite chuffed with myself.
Don’t think I’ve ever blogged so much or so often in my life. And I’m enjoying it thoroughly.

It helped that SA’s got Talent was on; gave me something to write about. Every evening after the show I would write my little blurb, and next day at work I would publish quick quick.

Also figured out how to copy-paste html so as to put pics in my posts. So I’ll edit pics on my home pc, download onto my cell, upload to site from my cell, edit post in word/notepad, paste onto site as a draft and hope for the best. Then when the time comes I hit the publish button. So far I’m mostly only one day ahead of my posts, but for the weekends I make sure I have at least 2 posts as drafts.

Here’s to the last 15 day stretch!


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