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I did it. I actually got up early, as soon as Henk left for work. Made sure Lili’s door was closed. Only switched on the lounge light. Volume down lo – I had switched the wiring at the back of the TV the previous night so that I wouldn’t have to fiddle with cables before dawn. Started up the wii and shook my booty for about 45mins.

We don’t have the balance board, but I got the Just Dance game that you only nee the wiimote for. Didn’t care much for getting high scores, but I did hit a 1300+ with Elvis remix of Little Less Conversation. Nearly knocked myself out with Womaniser. Those arm movements had me all twisted up. I can’t remember how many songs I did in total though.

I didn’t randomize the selection either. I chose songs that had higher effort than difficulty. As soon as I’ve tried all the songs, I’ll have the game choose for me to spice it up. (and yes, there is even a Spice Girl song – I pray no one saw me jiggy to Wannabe)

Glad I did the warm up – and I did it for a cool down as well, so I’m not even stiff today.
I skipped this morning cause I am EXHAUSTED. Henk only came off work at 23:40 and Lili woke us at 4:25. So I slept until 7am. But tomorrow is a new day and I’m planning on doing the dancing workout thing again.


***will check out Spark People as well

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