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It’s Thursday again; the eve of the kickoff to the FIFA 2010 Soccer world cup! And I also have 3 lovely postcards to share with you.

ES-77373 from Spain


This one came from Spain. I was instrigued by the castle at the harbour mouth since it resembles our own in Cape Town. (First time I saw ours I realised that not all castles look like the Disney ones ūüôā ). This is The Castle of San Ant√≥n (Castillo de San Ant√≥n) in Coru√Īa. This old fortress was built between the 16th and the 17th century, in a small island of the Bay of La Coru√Īa, to defend the city against attacks coming from the sea. During the English assault by Francis Drake in 1589, the castle effectively served to defend the entrance to the city.

JP-109784 rom Japan


This is Himjei Castle; In 1992 Himeji Castle was recognised by UNESCO as a building of world significance and was added to the World Heritage list. Himeji Castle is an excellent example of  a Japanese castle with its  traditional wooden architecture and its stone walls with their white plastered walls have been well maintained. In 1333 Norimura Akamatsu, the ruler of Harima District, built a fort where the Himeji Castle now stands. ln 1346 his son, Sadanori further expanded the fort.In the 16th century the fort was removed and a three story castle was built in its place by Hideyoshi Hasiba. This is the basic structure that is seen today.

This is my second UNESCO world heritage site card!

DE-610037 from Germany


Now I finally know what to call this style: German Rococo Architexture. This is Sanssouci Palace (without worries) in Berlin. In 1744, King Friedrich II – later known as Friedrich the Great, commissioned architect Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff to build a summer palace.


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Posting this from Gauteng at my parents’ house.
Beautiful postcard from Japan that I received on Monday. It shows the Enryaku-ji temple that overlooks the old city of Kyoto.
And of course I squeed like a fangirl at the hello kitty stamp. ^_^

From Japan

From Japan

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