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Then this post would be funnier.

Trying to get Lili to carry her own backpack. The pack can’t be THAT heavy. She’s 2 and we’re potty training.  So in the bag are 5 shorts, 2 T-shirts, jeans, long top and a plethora of tiny panties. (Aren’t they the cutest! Not in a shifty kind of way, but in a aww so tiny with frilly elastic kind of way).

Peer pressure usually works to get her to do something… doesn’t work so lekker when she’s the only toddler in the room though. But I coax and cheer and dance when she DOES carry it.

Which brings us to this morning. Got her to carry the backpack, but I wasn’t ready to leave for daycare and work yet. So she’s tagging behind me and commenting on the shortage of catfood, when she starts whining. You know that sound. Meeuuuh. And she drops the pack. Heavy Mommy. You carry it.

But then she skips over to the counter where I keep my handbag. Will carry mom yellow bag. She pulls at the handle to get it off the counter *whomp* onto the floor. Man-handles it into her arms and waddles over to me. Here mommy, you carry too. Also heavy.

I had to stop her from pulling my extras bag off as well; that one might concuss her.

Think I’ll stick to her carrying the bread.

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Got a few things to do and should really attempt to actually DO them.

  1. Re-format hard drive – not as easy as it sounds  

    Done, but don’t know what Henk did, but my once 350Gig hard drive is now only 127Gig. And my graphics card drivers won’t install. So I’m hauling off to the pro’s tomorrow.

    • have to backup ALL my files Done
    • backup ALL my movies Not done – but it’s ok. I didn’t have 49 dvd’s for the backups anyways
    • find original windows os disc  Done
    • hopefully this will fix my internet problem at home *sigh*I got internet at home again!!!!11!!!1!!
  2. then make time for brunch with other mommies – Saturday morning Done
  3. buy my secret santa a gift Done
  4. Make Christmas card list and start writing Done
  5. due to frugal December, take family pics ourselves – hopefully on Sunday since Henk is away whole day Saturday Done
  6. pack away sewing machine so we can have dinner at the dining table again Done
  7. put up the Tree. Just put it up. Put It UP! Done

Lets see how it goes

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The neighbour’s little girl and 2 of her friends visited me today. Claiming they’re bored at home and want to play with Amelia and our dogs. Eventually taught them to play cluedo.
I carefully explained the rules – realsied it’s actually a bit complicated to girls young enough to still play with dolls. Sheim, they even asked if it gets gory. (Dr Black is a murder victim you know)

It turned out to be the shortest game I’ve EVER played. The second girl to roll the dice placed her guesses, and won. Like that.

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