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Here’s mine for this week.


Scorching 40º Celsius out there on Saturday (predicted 41 for today). {that is  105.8 F } I will gladly take the snowpocalypse for a day.. only one day though.

So Amelia and I each hade salad for lunch. She did ok with the cottage cheese, but then she started fishing out of my bowl – we had the exact same salad! Mine just had a dressing. {that’s the only reason I eat salad; the Sundried-tomato-dressing} Eventually I just put her saladin my bowl and she ate it anyway – axcept for the cucumber – she’s not really fond of it.

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Surprise Surprise, I have a guest blogger for you today. I begged and begged and then I copied and pasted an email  she gave in. Tracy’s Topics presents to you the mother of a gorgeous little future son in law boy, always entertaining over a cup of fake-arula, more exciting than 7de Laan: my friend Supachick!! {we met on the interwebz and neither of us is a psycho killer… maybe}

Picture the scene… 

I pop home for lunch (since work and home are around the corner I can now do that!).  I’m sitting in the lounge watching TV and Leo (the FAS cat) keeps “digging” under the couch cushions.  So I recon there’s a moth or something that’s flown in that he’s trying to get to, and move the cushions.  Don’t see anything.  Put his (more) odd (than usual) behavior down to sniffing the deo can fumes that I had sprayed earlier and carry on watching TV.

 Next thing I see is a mole marching along the top on the couch and Leo head diving into the coffee table whilst trying to get to it.

 So…. That was the end of my quiet lunch in front of the telly.  Leo got exiled and I attempted to rescue the poor creature (the mole not the cat!).  Of cause, I know from past experience that they bite f@##$%#$ sore (don’t ask) so don’t actually wanna touch the thing.

I didn’t reach my goal in the end, closed all the windows and will re attempt this act before going to collect the other creature from school. 

Now, stop laughing, clean the tea off the PC Screen and get back up off the floor.  What did YOU do in your (non lunch time) lunch break?


Update later the day via text sms email:  

“after slaving at my desk for a further 2 hours, panic stricken over the life of the poor mole, I rush home to continue the rescue mission.  After searching high (well as high as I can get on my less than 1 full meter legs!) and low for said mole, I was about to give up the search when I thought he might be behind the fridge.  On the way to the fridge (still on hands and knees) I see the object of my desire…. My Rescue mission has just turned in to a recovery mission 😦 

Sadly Mr (I have no idea of the actual gender, nor do I have any over whelming desire to find out) Mole passed away sometime in the afternoon – cause of death?  Drowning via cats water bowl.”

And THAT Alanis, is IRONIC.

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It feels like lately most of my posts are memes. And ja, I guess thay are.
I started posting theme days so that I won’t get stuck in a non-posting rut like what happened a few month back (years even). But now I’m stuck in a much different rut. The ‘only posting memes’ rut.
As typically human and wanting to save my own skin I can point fingers and say that I have too much work during the day – cause a lot of my old posts were posted while at work (*shock horror*) during my lunch break (*well that’s ok then*) that we don’t technically get since the bulk of work gets done over socially accepted lunch time, so whenever you’re not doing anything for an hour, THAT’s your lunch break.
I can also blame that I haven’t achieved new 101 goals yet so I have nothing to blog about. I can argue that I tweet a few times daily (facebook is working on my nerves and my htc twitter app swift is, like it’s name, swift). I can further argue that I DO blog, just not necessarily here but elsewhere too.
Truth is that I have written SO many posts in my head – while driving, while showering, while reading TB slides – but they never seem to find their way to paper. Today I was thinking that I need a Dictaphone – but better, direct from dictate to written, hence a secretary. Don’t think they fit in under Christmas trees though.

Another sad truth I have been neglecting Tracy’s Topics and my 101 in 1001 list this 2010. I have hit a motivational block so to speak. I feel that a few of my goals may be to blame (gotta blame something right). So I plan on revamping my list, reviewing it and honing it a bit, cull it even . That is part of having a successful list after all.

My tasks for this week next 2 weeks:

  • Review 101 list
  • Update list (even in draft form)
  • make relevant changes
  • Report

Then lets get this blog back ontrack!

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