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I think it’s time I revamped the blog again. I’ve been using this theme for about 6 months now. Also it just feels right to change it now, what with the seasons changing and many decisions made that will change the dynamic of my family.

New theme preview

I’m still looking for that perfect wordpress theme. I want the new developers to combine the flexibility of Vigilance and the clean lines of Mistylook with a three-column option like Grid Focus.

While I’m still working on the header and a new button, here’s a sneak peak as to what I might be using.

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I felt that I needed a few changes to my 101 Things in 1001 Days list. Someof them are due to logistic reaons (lack of a better word); others are cause I have new intersts and the items were on the list in the first place and a filler. I will try and keep true to the category though i.e replace a Gaming one with a Gaming one etc.

  • 64.    Finish Rise of Legends The Vinci — first campaign changed toFinish Borderlandscause I can’t find my Rise of Legends disc, and I got this one sitting on my desktop. And Henk reckons I should play something other than Sims 2+3. This is also harder than my old goal since I don’t particularly like shooter games that much – but the graphics intrugue me and I get to play a female character too.
  • 7.    Visit Augrabiese Watervalle change to: Find 300 Geocaches(11/300); Cause there are caches there too. But the original reason I put this up there is so that we can travel more and explore our country – and since Augrabiese Watervalle is close enough for a weekend getaway, it got added. So in the spirit of still going there, I made the goal harder by saying that I/we must find 300 caches.

* * * *
This is what happens when you write posts ahead and save the drafts before finishing. I sorta lost my thread. But I made the changes; now let us see if the get completed.

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Right. So I’m trying out a different theme. The other one was giving me a headache and too cluttered. Now I only have 1 column to clutter 😀
Also updated My 101 List page. Added some links, fixed a serious typo, elaborated on a few items… You’ll see.
also linked this blog to my twitter account cause I would love some more traffic.
And am impatient for my postcards to reach their destinations – gimme more!

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