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Combining 2 posts tonight. But for the record: I found a cache. A micro cache. By myself. No help from Henk. Awesomesauce!

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Here’s mine for this week:

When first introduced to geocaching we of course searched for caches in our immediate area and places we regularly visit. Found this one, Wamkelekile Kumtla Kapa, not too far from my In-laws’ farm. So while visiting this weekend we drove to the border of Western Cape and Northern Cape.

It was a quick and easy find and I’m quite chuffed that I found it by myself. Usually I’m just the navigator and point out possible hiding places while Henk scrambles up and over rocks to find them.

Henk took this pic of me posing by the border sign, cache in hand. Did I mention it is a micro cache?

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I seriously think I got my parents hooked on this now as well 😀 😀 😀

Feels like I’m being spoiled for choice up here. I can pick and choose which caches to search for, there are so many! And I got to experience some firsts: First No-find 😦 GC1PZPT , First Travel Bug 🙂 TB11KTN , First TB Hotel 🙂 GC1QECR , and first nah-that-looks-too-complicated-maybe-later at a puzzle cache GC1PG50 :p

First off,  Mom, Amelia and I went searching for the Ghost House. Tested out GCDroid on my HTC Magic; works with google maps.  We found the site and the clue made sense, but we just couldn’t find it. I still think it was maybe taken. Will watch to logs. Was so disappointed that I didn’t even take a picture – and yes, it would be seriously eerie doing this cache at night. We were there in bright day light thank you very much.

Found it!

 When Dad came home we psyched him up to join us on the next hunt. Off to the Ghost Road! Also didn’t attempt this one at night. The area is known for its ghost stories. We didn’t see any, but the radio did pick up some funny static as we approached the site. Dad and I jumped out; he found the clue and the canister.

Rest in the garden before next journey

AND… my very first ever Travel Bug. I did the happy dance in the road! It’s a beautiful silver butterfly (a real ‘bug’). I read its history while trekking to the next site. Originally from Canada on a trip around the world, it has only been to South Africa so far. I decided that it has been here way too long and planned on leaving it somewhere that might somehow get it to another country.

Not a cache

Our next cache was Vreemde Pilare (Weird/Unusual Pillars). The clue took us down memory lane referencing an old TV ad of Cremora. Dad and I searched quite a long time. In hindsight, if I had actually loaded the pic on the site (I had pics turned off) it would have made our search a lot easier. Dad found it of course in the only place we didn’t look – I doubt if I would have reached it though, I’m pretty short. However while poking around in the pillars I found a little resident: A red frog hiding in a cranny. Almost mistook it for a cache though, until I saw its nostrils move.

Did I Mention this one was a micro cache? I’m seriously starting to not like microcaches 😉 Would I ever manage to find a nano one?

At home I downloaded some more waypoints and found the Vaal TB Hotel. At first I mistook it for an actual Tuberculosis Hotel – cause in Vanrhynsdorp there is an old TB Hospital. Turns our this is a safe stopover for Travel Bugs. Team Antron did a  great job by making little compartments (rooms) with different destinations for the TB’s. Here, I decided, will be the perfect place for Madame butterfly as there is an International ‘room’ at the hotel. I read up on a few of the caches and checked their histories to decide which ones will come back with me to the Western Cape.

Animals guarding the cache

Mom knew where the nursery was where the TB Hotel was, mounted on a wall. Off us girls went (Amelia tags along on all these hunts too).

There were a few muggles about, but no one paid me any attention fiddling with the lock. Amelia was petting the animal statues and Mom was trying to keep her out of the ponds. I looked through all the TB’s and decided on two.

At the Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

 Pongo the Racing Dalmatian needs to travel a lot for points, and needs some unique photo’s taken for additional points. One of these is posing with an animal other than a dog or cat – easy peasy, will do that before going home. Then it has to cross a border – check, and bonus if it can have a picture at an actual border. I’ll see if I can wing it. And I have the perfect spot to put it for it’s further journey. The other TB I took is Elf King’s TNLN Scion. Will still take a pic – have a neat shot planned.

It was weird writing 2010 in the logs – and I might have written 2009 at Ghost Road 😡 I noticed while browsing some of the Western Cape caches that some teams tend to leave the same swag (I keep on wanting to say spam), like the team who seem to always leave a toy soldier to guard the cache, or the little leopard spots custom log paper with the date on by another cacher. So I got to thinking what could I leave as a trademark souvenir? Henk insists we leave rubber insects (cause I have a morbid irrational fear of them). I opted for marbles, but left my bag at home. But I did find some Soccer ball stickers for my Postcrossing postcards (It is 2010 ama-socca-socca afterall). SO I’m sticking soccer ball stickers in the logbooks and leaving marbles in caches (or toy cars while I’m in Gauteng).

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Henk and I are both on leave, so on Monday we decided to head out to Strandfontein to hunt for our next cache.  It’s a bout 40km from us, but then again, everything is in 20km units from us 😉 We left so as to make late brunch at Doornbaai (or Doringbaai) that’s just 5km past Strandfontein.

GCZN60 is a micro cache that sits next to where the R362 runs parallel to the Sishen Saldanha railway line. The cache itself is somewhere where a road passes over the tracks.

Sishen train track going over R362

The R362 runs from Vredendal – en route  you pass underneath the Sishen railway line.

The Sishen Saldanha railway line crosses a large part of the West Coast area.
In a previous post I have some pics of when the area flooded and it shows the other side of the tracks with a sneak peak of the train.

Going under Sishen traintrack

We hunted quite a bit for this cache, lol. We were off by a few hundred meters, also, since we think we know the area pretty well, we were trying to figure out where the road actually crosses over the railwayline. Again our navigational skills were tested – hey, we are the lowest of low novices in this game 😉

Eventually we found the bridge.

Bridge over Sishen train track

And that’s when we found out what was meant by micro cahce. We hunted for what seemed like half an hour. Going over shrubs and rocks and looking in any imaginable hiding place. Before giving up for the day and concidering returning later when it wasn’t so hot anymore – badaboom – Henk finds it.

Quick log entry.

I still got to do the log entry though – but Henk’s writing is a lot neater

After replacing the cache we headed to Doornbaai for some luch and something to drink. Beautiful and typical little Westcoast dorpie. The ocean was a crisp blue with patches of turquoise.

Pop se fish cakes are delicious

This little pub/bistro/bar has the hull of a fishing boat for a porch. Fresh fish daily. Bliss.

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