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Is it just me, or was September a long month? I had to wait for payday so that I could top up my phone. I don’t have a plain contract anymore… learned that lesson the hard way.

Point is, I’ve been watching way too much you tube, and my data bundle depleted. And I didn’t have any splurge money left for myself.

Monday was payday! So I recharged and bundled and am working on this week’s posts. Hang in there.

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After giving up on finding financing ourselves, dealing with incompetent bank employees, and wasting time in waiting rooms… we contacted a type of broker.

ABSA (of all places – I left them because of repeated bad service) offered us a 90% loan, which was one of the fairest offers we got. But the broker lady suggeted we wait until all offers returned.

And then we got our ray of sunshine. Standard Bank is willing to give us a 100% loan! At a pretty decent rate. And they accept the bought-and-paid-for empty property as security for a full loan. Bliss! Local lawyers will contact us to come sign the agreement that they’re drafting. Super! No problemo! Right! Right?

More like Not-right-now. We would have signed the document today. But turns out it was set up as if Henk and I are married in community of property. *sigh* we’re not. We did the whole pre-nup/ante-nuptial thing outside community of property.

SO now the bank has to resubmit the request to the lawyers to draw up the contract yadda-yadda-yadda. It’ll take another week at least. Technically we can start building, cause the bank pays out an in 4 installments, the first of which only after the foundation is laid and I tink window sill height. But we’re not going to risk it. Rather wait for ALL the paperwork to be complete.

Here’s to wedded agreements!!

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See a penny, pick it up, and all day long you’ll have good luck.

We don’t use pennies over here anymore. Since 1961 the Rand has been our currency, with 100 cents in 1 Rand.

The R1 itself has also changed face since then; from the paper note with Jan van Riebeeck’s portrait, to the giant sized silver-metal coin with a jumping Spingbuck, and since 1989’ish the smaller, thinner coin that we know today.

Which brings me to my money question, since we are/not/are in a recession: For what value of dropped coins is it not faux pas to bend down and pick it up?

Just a photon thought that struck me as a kind stranger picked up my dropped coins today at the supermarket; I was carrying Amelia in one arm and trying to put change in my purse with the other. As I watched my R1.05 roll away, I thought ‘Is it really worth the effort to chase after the 2 coins, or can I let them go?’ Then I started thinking that if I let it go, people might think that I don’t care if I dropped it, it won’t make me any poorer, to heck with the economic strain. Or they might think that I’m so hard up for cash, that I will stoop to pick up a 5c piece; things must be really bad, or I’m just a Scrooge.

Then the other part of my brain said to quit worrying about what other people think, leaving the coins on the floor is just as bad as littering – and look, that nice man has picked them up for you while you’ve been debating loose change.

I pocketed the money and put it in Amelia’s piggy bank when we got home.

(To put it in perspective, you can buy…maybe…not even, a small packet of Snax chips with R1. Almost a lollipop. Can’t buy anything really. A third of a pack of 2-minute-noodles on special)

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It’s official. My computer is dead. probably beyond repair. i just hope the hard-drive can be salvaged. I’ve only backed up the first month of Amelia’s photo’s. *sigh*

At least my Christmas bonus is coming soon, hopefully there’ll be enough left for a new tower. Baby still needs a few things before I can even BEGIN to think of new graphics cards, lol.

And I don’t even want to mention the condition of my phone. Not quite fubar, but dang close iykwim. The buttons around the joystick are mostly missing; the joystick is like my cats… only works when it can get something out of the deal. Plan is to upgrade it on our next epic trek to CT – our first weekend away with Lili. The question is: which phone to get? The new LG, SonyEricsson or htc (?) or should I throw all caution to the wind and get a Nokia?

In the meantime, anyone have extra cash lying around that you don’t need? i got a piggy bank that needs filling.

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