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I tried, I did I did; but I failed.  Of course I have excuses; valid ones at that. I had to prepare for our very first six monthly review last – which I presented this week. I went really well and I got a complement from one of the pathologists.
An of course we are moving into our new house on Monday. Some packing had to be done. I’m typing this from my as-yet-not-packed PC cause it is an essential; right up there on the last-weekend-in-old-house-list with 4 plates, 4 cups, 4 sporks and a list of takeout numbers. No ways am I cooking as well as packing.

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So today is my last day of maternity leave, and I’m exhausted lol.

We moved into a new house yesterday. We decided not to use a logistics company, since Henk has access to a truck. Thank goodness the in-laws helped us. I wouldn’t have been able to help load the furniture. Mom-in-law looked after Amelia while i speedy-packed the last goods.

Today we loaded the boxes never unpacked from the previous move a year ago. Amazing how much junk you collect. Therefore my New Year’s resolution is to get rid of the excess baggage – in every sense of the word.

A bit nervous about tomorrow, but I’m sure it’s like that bicycle thing, but I’ll feel better with the training-wheels 😉 Already have a to-do list the length of my arm.

Amelia seems happy with the daymother. She enjoys the other kids and feedback is that she’s a happy Pikkewouter 🙂

Everything is in place for my first day back, lets just hope my labcoat still fits!

P.s SAHM = Stay At Home Mom

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