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A few weeks ago I started making {another} a list with some crafts I want to attempt. These washer necklaces are one of the items.

Follow the complete tutorial from Not So Idle Hands.

Amelia loves wearing her washer necklace.

While visiting on the farm about a month ago, I mentioned that I want to get some of these letter stamp sets – Father-in-law said that he still has his old set that they used to ID the sheep. Henk tried to convince me that they actually stamped the sheep’s ears {I’m not THAT gullible} – Dad used to stamp little metal tags which were attached to the sheep’s ears.

The letters are a bit bigger that the size mentioned in the tutorial, but free is free right! Henk brought me some washers from work and I set off hammering. The hammer I got was obviously too small {Henk snickering at it didn’t help much}, so my first attempt was for Amelia and as you can see in the image, the letters aren’t very deep so the ink doesn’t stick in the groove.

Next stop was at Henk’s work where he gave me a some space at a workbench, a 4 pound hammer, and a practice bit of sheet metal. {darling} I found their stash of washers too – wish my kitchen was as organised as their stores.

I struggled a bit holding the letter and hitting it with one hard, swift blow and NOT hitting my fingers; so Henk lent me a shifting spanner as well to hold the letters with. Having the right tools worked a lot better, even though  it came out upside down 😉

I made some for Amelia’s friends and cousins, as well as a few non-personal ones.

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