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It’s been a year (?!) and I still feel a bit blogblocked. Stuck in a rut so to speak. I really want to get back into blogging and sharing ideas and random blurbs.

But I didn’t know where to begin. I *did* know that I wanted to break away from the 101 list. It wasn’t relevant anymore; I had lots of different lists going on. I didn’t want to feel this committed to something that, if I’m really honest with myself, was written in less than two days. A to-do-list that spans the better part of 2.7years needs some better planning. So as of now it is obsolete.

I invite you to the work-in-progress New Tracy’s Topics. May this be the start of something beautiful.

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I think it’s time I revamped the blog again. I’ve been using this theme for about 6 months now. Also it just feels right to change it now, what with the seasons changing and many decisions made that will change the dynamic of my family.

New theme preview

I’m still looking for that perfect wordpress theme. I want the new developers to combine the flexibility of Vigilance and the clean lines of Mistylook with a three-column option like Grid Focus.

While I’m still working on the header and a new button, here’s a sneak peak as to what I might be using.

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I changed the blog’s name to Tracy’s Toppics. Since the scope of the blog has changed (see About page) I decided to do some proper spring cleaning: New name, new Header, new Button.

Tara from TSG designs designed a new header and button from me, YAY! Also updated the theme. I’ll be playing around with it a bit, so don’t be surprised to see some changes.

And best of all, she did it for free. Thank you again Tara! Go check out her site today to see what else she has made.


If you want to link to me, you can save this button to your own image host – please don’t steal bandwidth, it’s bad karma 😦

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Right. So I’m trying out a different theme. The other one was giving me a headache and too cluttered. Now I only have 1 column to clutter 😀
Also updated My 101 List page. Added some links, fixed a serious typo, elaborated on a few items… You’ll see.
also linked this blog to my twitter account cause I would love some more traffic.
And am impatient for my postcards to reach their destinations – gimme more!

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It’s official. My computer is dead. probably beyond repair. i just hope the hard-drive can be salvaged. I’ve only backed up the first month of Amelia’s photo’s. *sigh*

At least my Christmas bonus is coming soon, hopefully there’ll be enough left for a new tower. Baby still needs a few things before I can even BEGIN to think of new graphics cards, lol.

And I don’t even want to mention the condition of my phone. Not quite fubar, but dang close iykwim. The buttons around the joystick are mostly missing; the joystick is like my cats… only works when it can get something out of the deal. Plan is to upgrade it on our next epic trek to CT – our first weekend away with Lili. The question is: which phone to get? The new LG, SonyEricsson or htc (?) or should I throw all caution to the wind and get a Nokia?

In the meantime, anyone have extra cash lying around that you don’t need? i got a piggy bank that needs filling.

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