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Got home all nauseous. Tried to make chicken stir fry something add a packet – bleh, couldn’t handle it. Told Henk to get his own food – I’m not hungry. Got knocked out at 8pm. Soon as Lili was fed and ready, downed 2 cold purple pills with Coronza C. I hit the sack – tried to pass out, but little fingers were pushing my buttons. Seriously. She thinks the moles on my body play magical musical notes – of course I encourage this by making magical musical sounds whenever she presses them, but not then, cause I felt miff/not smurfy/ flu’y/not lekker. She kept on pressing über nose mole and the Cindy Crawford wannabes. Only sound was ‘ uuuuhhrg, Mamma slapies’. To which the reply “s-aapies”. alll-most cracked a smile at the cute, but was way too miff. And when button pushing didn’t work, she combed my hair. My fringe actually. With a wooded brush. A round wooden brush from when Mommy still had long hair (yes, that happened). Think I got a bruise on my forehead.
Henk had to put her to bed – he even changed a *gasp* dirty smelly poo nappy. And commented on how cool the PnP nappies were cause they don’t leak \o/
Then he wanted to take my temperature. With his thermometer. I told him to go flutter off, I’m ill.
But Mommies aren’t allowed to be ill. So today I’m better. Still don’t like the idea of raw chicken that I have to cook tonight, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

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