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I got her! I got her! Got Liberty herself! I confess, I enjoy tourist cards. I want to see The Grand Canyon, the Liberty Bell, the Pentagon, Empire State Building, Vagas lights – I want them ALL!!

I know I only meantioned the sites I can quickly pick out in my mind, I’m sure there are loads more sites and beautiful places that I still have to learn about. Same thing goes for RSA I suppose. Except for Table Mountain. I can never grow tired of that view. And I will send postcards of it as often as I can =)

Henk reckons there is a bed behind the hearth (behind that curtain) cause it’s cozy and warm there. But I think it’s more storage space… or maybe where you can leave bread dough to rise. I wrote the original sender a message, but I don’t think they know either.

This is an exampled of a typical dwelling of the 1800’s (in Finland).

This must be the sweetest little sketch of a lion.  The title is  A silent and thoughtful lion in the shade o memories-daisies. This was sent by a young postcrosser (14 years old) — [don’t you just h.a.t.e it when someone says ‘i am x years of age’ !? It does not make you sound more intelligent. You are wasting time and words by saying that. It’s just plain ugly. Some South AFrican tend to do that in interviews. It’s as of their brains switch of and autopilot is given a thesaurus for breakfast and the mouth off big words and clumsy sentenses. ] Enough rant. Thank you Miss D for the lovely card!

Some lovely coral / underwater scene from Taiwan. The card came from the National Museum of marine biology & aquarium.

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